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Proposal- Does adavanced maternal age contribute to complications during pregnancy - Research Paper Example

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Advanced Maternal Age Contribute to Complications during Pregnancy Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Advanced Maternal Age Contribute to Complications during Pregnancy INTRODUCTION There has been an increase in the number of childbearing among the old mothers in United States, whereby the birth rates are among aged thirty-five and forty-four years…
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Research Proposal- Does adavanced maternal age contribute to complications during pregnancy
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Download file to see previous pages 135). There is a connection between advanced maternal age and stillbirths, which has been documented, though there is little information on timing of the utero fetal mortality (Benzie, 2008, p. 183). An analysis of more than five million singleton deliveries was aimed at determining the peak risk period for stillbirths among the older mothers between the age of thirty-seven and forty-one. Other studies have assessed the differential risk associated with stillbirths before labor or during labor, in order to understand the relationship, which results to tailored invention strategies focused on decreasing utero fetal problems among old mothers. Nevertheless, the paper will focus on discussing complications during pregnancy, which are associated with Advanced Maternal Age. Advance Maternal Age refers to the childbearing woman, who is over the age of thirty-five, and it is considered as relatively more hazardous from both maternal and fetal dimensions. AMA is conventionally defined as the age, which is greater than thirty-five at the time of delivery, while the modern definition refers to the Very Advanced Maternal Age, which is considered the age that is greater than or equal to the forty five at the time of delivery (King, Fountain, Dakhlallah & Bearman, 2009, p. 1678). Moreover, according to designation of AMA a woman’s fertility decreases after the age of thirty-five. In fact, one third of the women with delayed pregnancy to their mid-thirties and beyond have difficulties during delivery or physical maternal or fetal complications. In addition, these women may undergo an increased incidence of miscarriage or stillbirths, which leads to emotional and psychological trauma (Ayers, 2001, p. 91). LITERATURE REVIEW Factors Influencing women’s decision of timing Motherhood One of the factors influencing the a woman’s decision is independence, whereby a woman is more likely to makes a decision of conceiving later in her life, compared to a woman who has children earlier in order to stress the significance of independence through education, employment, and financial stability. Moreover, the readiness is also a factor that can influence a woman to delay in child bearing, since they have to feel ready for motherhood due to satisfactions of their personal goals (Byrom, 2004, p. 779). The other factor relates to the projection of their life plan, whereby they have a recurring theme of all ages with or without children, and this is projected through a metal plan for their life, which is integrated with their intentions of childbearing. The other factor relates to the biological clock, which has an impact on the decline fertility on decision concerning childbearing as a recurring theme for women at the age above thirty years. The other factor is the rates of divorce, whereby women make decision concerning timing of motherhood under the influence of their knowledge concerning the current rates of divorce in the community. The other factor relates to stability of a relationship, since it is vital to women who are not willing to raise a child on their own. In fact, numerous women have case of failed long-term relationship, like marriage (Cunningham, Rivera, & Spence, 2011, p. 249). Therefore, before establishing a stable relationship, women are not deemed suitable for childbearing and childrearing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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