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Preeclampsia Name:  Institution:       Summary Introduction: Preeclampsia common maternal condition, which is presents high blood pressure in the second or third trimester of the gestational period. The characteristic HBP is accompanied by presence of proteins in urine…
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Download file to see previous pages The readings have to be at least above 90 for diastolic pressure and more than 140 for systolic pressure for a confirmation of the condition to be made. The HBP readings should at least be accompanied by a confirmatory test of 300 milligrams of protein in urine. As the condition gains severity other symptoms and signs may manifest, and the pressure may reach 160/100. According to evidence based practice these indications do not automatically guarantee the existence of the condition and a measure on platelets has been proposed as a more effective measure (Ekiz et al., 2011). MPV count, which is a platelet measure in predicting the occurrence of preeclampsia is an aspect under debate. This can be seen in the work of Dadeszen who said that the platelet ratio in MPV is more sensitive compared to MPV alone for predicting the adverse maternal outcome related to preeclampsia (Von Dadelszen et al., 2004, p 871-879). Dundar, on the other hand, shows that MPV increases during pregnancy, but is highly prominent during preeclampsia development (Dundar et al., 2008, p 1052-6). As such, MPV provides a good diagnosis tool for the condition. The evidence-based proposal on diagnostics thus implies that MPV is a better measure. This is also cited as a better measure of the condition’s progression-a thing that the other diagnostic measures cannot offer. The evidence-based practice using MPV as a diagnostic measure for the condition is already in clinical practice and has offered a better tool for monitoring the condition. However, it is not widely applicable globally in clinical diagnostics practice. Symptoms: Symptoms of preeclampsia could include irritability, edema, and sudden increase in weight, nausea, decreased urination, belly pain and migraine-like headache. Causes and risk factors: Preeclampsia’s causes are not clearly known, but there are various propositions that point to various probable causes, which include heredity, blood vessel problems, dietary effects and disorders of the autoimmune system. Factors that predispose pregnant mothers to the problem include advanced age (>35 years), kidney diseases, multiple and first pregnancies as well as pre-existent conditions such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Pathogenesis: The etiology of preeclampsia and its development are inconclusive. There is some uncertainty with regard to the development and progression of the condition. However, there is potential explanation on the mechanism of preeclampsia. According to David, Laresgoiti-Servitje and Gomez-Lopez (2010), the limitation of blood flow in placenta is cited as a possible trigger for hormone-based reactions, which cause damage to endothelium that lines the vascular system as well as inflammation that characterizes the condition. Alternative explanations from other studies show that alterations in the immune system and maternal. This research-based proposition is supported by evidence, which shows that shifts occur in the immune system in terms of component cells when the condition occurs. Alterations of allorecognition of the fetus have also been cited as a potential causes of inflammation that accompanies preeclampsia (Fonseca et al., 2007). Management and Treatment: The management of preeclampsia heavily relies on a pharmacologic approach aimed at controlling blood pressure levels (Drife, Magowan & Owen, 2009). This is the current common evidence-based clinical practice that is often put to use in the control of preeclampsia. The aim is to keep high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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