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Collaboration of Nurses on the Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers - Research Paper Example

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Steps in Preventing Pressure Ulcers [author’s name] [institution] ABSTRACT Looking at the most recent studies is important in determining the state-of-the-art standard of care agreed upon and recommended by experts in the field. Researchers agree that aside from the presence of guidelines, a change in behavioral attitude, particularly the recognition of preventing pressure ulcers as priority, is important in actualizing these guidelines…
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Collaboration of Nurses on the Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers
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Extract of sample "Collaboration of Nurses on the Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers"

Download file to see previous pages Because of this, it is necessary to gather relevant data while the measures are being implemented. This data will then be the basis of whether the use of that particular guideline will be continued or not. STEPS IN PREVENTING PRESSURE ULCERS UTILIZING LITERATURE REVIEW To use the obtained articles in order to derive the most up-to-date standard of care in preventing pressure ulcers, the main points of each of the studies were listed down. From the list, the common themes were put together, and these common themes, together with the other ones, were used to make a logical concept map regarding the best approach to take in preventing pressure ulcers, from the development of guidelines to their implementation. CONCLUSIONS FROM THE RESEARCH Both quantitative and qualitative studies have been conducted in order to determine the set of guidelines that work best in prevention of pressure ulcers, and most have recognized that the following of guidelines is dependent upon several factors. However, a change in behavioral attitude must be apparent from the development of guidelines down to its implementation (Armstrong, et al., 2008; Delmore, Lebovits, Baldock, Suggs, & Ayello, 2011), Prevention as priority In trying to prevent ulcers, a change in attitude, in that prevention of pressure ulcers becomes a priority for the patient care center, whether at hospital or at home, should be first and foremost. This is necessary in order to initiate the development and implementation of guidelines deemed effective for during patient care, which involves identifying and correcting flaws, as well as continuously reviewing procedures in place (Delmore, Lebovits, Baldock, Suggs, & Ayello, 2011) Making the guidelines: framework For those that have made the decision of making the prevention of pressure ulcers as priority, different sectors of the American healthcare industry have suggested a framework from which healthcare providers and caregivers can follow to provide the acceptable care for preventing pressure ulcers. This includes 1) providing the necessary information not only to caregivers but to patients as well, 2) facilitating communication between caregivers and patients, and 3) standardizing toolkits and protocols. All of these are necessary in the prevention of pressure ulcers among inpatients (Armstrong, et al., 2008). No specific standards have been provided to foster the development of a guideline specific for the needs and capabilities of the patient care setting. Catering guidelines to specific situations A guideline specific for the patient care setting to which it is meant to be used is important. In fact, according to experienced nurses, pressure ulcer prevention at home is more complex compared to that used in nursing homes and hospitals, in that it should consider whether 1) appropriate to the economic and insurance status of the patient, 2) done by at least one caregiver that has the ability to provide the suggested care to the patient, and 3) knowledge of supply vendors in order to obtain supplies and material needed in the care of patient (Bergquist-Beringer & Daley, 2011). In addition, guidelines should be easy for caregivers to use. Using protocols in documentation as analogy, Friesen, Vivanco, Haydaman, Hamel, & McLeod (2012) pointed out that despite the presence of a standardized guideline, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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