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Nurse-Patient Ratio - Assignment Example

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Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratio Valerie Blemur Florida International University NUR 4667 – Nursing in Global Health System October 29, 2012 Nurse-Patient Ratios The global health care systems are faced with limited resources and increased demand for health services…
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Nurse-Patient Ratio
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Extract of sample "Nurse-Patient Ratio"

Download file to see previous pages The increase in the work load resulted into the increased probability of fatality among patients i.e. 14 per cent within 30 days of admission (Mark, 2009). Addition of one patient among nurses’ workload leads to a seven percent increase in the mortality rate emanating from common surgeries. Increased workloads also lead to nurse burn-out and job dissatisfaction that acts as precursors of voluntary turnover (Aiken et al, 2007; Kane et al, 2007). Increased nurse staffing levels reduce the number of urinary-tract infections, pneumonia as well other ailments required for capital ailments (Rafferty et al., 2007). Comprehensive studies undertaken by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) confirms that there is a relationship between nurse staffing and health care outcomes (Kane et al., 2007). An increase in the nurse staffing leads to a reduction in the prevalence and mortality rates caused by treatable diseases. Although there may be other strategies required for improving hospital nurse number, improved nurse staffing is the most effective in the achievement of proper outcomes for both nurses and patients. The solution to the problem requires the input of the legislative arms in enacting regulations that addresses the shortage. Strategies to Influence Votes At the local level, nurses should be encouraged to use the reward power when lobbying for support from the legislators. The candidates should only be assured of votes if they offer their support to the health issue (Abood, 2007). The hospitals should be required to establish nurse controlled staffing committees. This creates the strategies necessary for matching the patient population with the available staffing. The results from such committee are presented to the legislative members to provide them with the real problem for support. At the state level, nurses should be involved in the sponsoring of the annual state legislative days to arrest the attention of legislators and influential leaders. The legislative days will be characterized by fellowships and internships that offer information on the importance of maintaining suitable nursing ratios for effective health care delivery. These workshops will bring nurses together and raise awareness on the current health care issues. Once the nurses are made aware of the situation, they can identify the pros and cons of the necessary solutions to the problem. Awareness will also motivate individual nurses to attract the involvement of colleagues in the issue. This leads to the formation of majority members required in encouraging the legislators in enacting the required changes in nursing. Focus on media will also play an eminent role in educating the public and politicians on the issue. This will win the required support from the public and nongovernment organizations. Increasing My Power to Influence Votes Individual efforts are eminent in mobilizing votes. The prominent strategy is the development of communication skills necessary for influencing other people to listen and gain insight on the problem as well as the proposed solutions. Another personal strategy will entail joining professional nursing organizations with political affiliations. This will offer a chance to interact and influence professional lobbyists capable of influencing the necessary amendments among the ruling elite. Personal involvement will allow sharing of detailed information on th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Nurse-Patient Ratio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Nurse-Patient Ratio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Nurse-Patient Ratio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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