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Case senerio pathophysiology - Essay Example

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Instructor Institution Date Case Scenario: Pathophysiology Case Study 1 Ms. A is suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Patients who are suffering from iron deficiency anemia demonstrate several symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, pale skin, irritability, dizziness and chest pain…
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Case senerio pathophysiology
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Download file to see previous pages Iron deficiency anemia results from a condition where the patient lose more red blood cells more than their bodies would manufacture. Ms. A’s menorrhagia and dysmenorrheal causes her to lose significant amount of blood which overrides the rate of red blood cell manufacture and as a result causing her iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency anemia affects women more than men and it represents the most common form or type of anemia. This illustrates that Ms. A is predisposed to this form of anemia. The pathophysiology of iron deficiency anemia is described in light of the situation where the body is unable to manufacture enough red blood cells because of insufficiency of iron in the body. The loss of blood by Ms. A during her menorrhagia and dysmenorrheal, causes a significant loss of iron from her body which leads to her anemia. The laboratory tests also indicate that Ms. A has below normal hematocrit, hemoglobin level and erythrocyte count which further indicates that she is most likely suffering from iron deficiency anemia. The loss of blood from the body also translates into an equivalent loss of iron. Women who experience heavy periods are an increased risk of iron deficiency anemia (Bostock 23). This is illustrated by Ms. ...
Ms. A is adversely affected by the lack of sufficient oxygen because of her active participation in golf. This involves a need for adequate oxygen for metabolic activity. Because Ms. A is having her periods, it is evident that the loss of excess blood caused her to have less iron for the manufacture of hemoglobin which combines with oxygen and distributes it throughout the body. Ms. A’s condition is aggravated by the fact that the golf tournament is carried out in a higher altitude level where the amount of oxygen in much lower. This explains her symptoms such as shortness of breath and fatigue. The fatigue is caused by the inadequate metabolic activity in energy production which results from lack of sufficient oxygen in blood. Therefore in light of Ms. A’s symptom, medical history and laboratory tests, it is affirmative that she is suffering from iron deficiency anemia and therefore appropriate treatments should be started. Case Study 2 Making changes in lifestyle is the most effective approach to care for Mr. P. This is motivated by the fact that Mr. P is having difficulties in adhering to the prescribed dietary restrictions. The changes in lifestyle will be the major objective for the care of this patient. This involves weight control, limit of the intake of salt, cholesterol and fat. In addition, the care for Mr. P will be aimed at ensuring that the amount of fluids that he takes is controlled and smoking and alcohol use restricted. Patients with symptoms of congestive heart failure must be motivated to make lifestyle changes which will allow them to reduce the worsening of their conditions (Philippe 252) In addition to dietary restrictions, patients with CHF symptoms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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