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Evaluate the development of a measurement tool FLACC Scale - Essay Example

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S. Mott Children’s Hospital, in the University of Michigan Health System, and Ann Arbor, MI. The research was intensively undertaken by the department of…
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Evaluate the development of a measurement tool FLACC Scale
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Download file to see previous pages The scale was developed to compensate the complex and more tasking assessment scales by providing a simple dimension for undertaking any assessment (Nilsson, Finnström & Kokinsky, 2008). In addition to the simple framework it provides, the scale also provides a reliable means and clear objective over which the pain behaviors in children who cannot communicate are quantified.
They are able to perform such exercises using five classes of tool behaviors that ranges from expressions in the face, movements of the legs, any bodily activity, and cry and consol ability. LOINC release files are the files from which Metathesaurus as a representation of FLACC scale is extracted from to be used by nurses and all the other categories of health officers in the healthcare industries. The paper is, therefore, designed to evaluate the development of the FLACC scale which is a measurement scale used to detect pain in children who are not able to communicate, hence, saving time in finding and elimination pain and as a result resulting into efficiency and effectiveness in hospital operations (Aday, Begley, Lairson & Balkrishnan, 2004).
A FLACC scale is a measurement tool that is sued to assess pain in children aged between ages of 2 months and 7 years. Such are individuals who are believed not to be in a position of communicating their pain level accurately making it difficult for doctors or health officers to administer treatment effectively. The scale has five criteria of measuring pain and these criteria are assigned scores 0, 1 or 2 and measure pain between scores 0 to 10 with 0 indicating no pain at all and 10 representing the maximum (Burns & Grove, 2009). Due to incubation, the scale has also been employed on adults in Intensive Care Units (ICU) to bring accurate results of pain experienced in adults who are maimed. Other scales which can be used in the ICU are the Checklist of Nonverbal Pain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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