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Review of Research Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Theory CHF, one of the fatal diseases, has become a health hazard of almost 1 out of 100 people all around the world…
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Reveiw of Research
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Download file to see previous pages However, a more dominant reason that poses the real problem in containing CHF is the non compliance by patients of the physician’s instructions. This it leads to recurrent hospitalization of the patient and the path to recovery becomes cumbersome and, more often than not, fatal result ensure. Thus, the theory gains importance as on the prospect of evolving the proper means to identify the problems and come up with appropriate solutions to eradicate the same. The major findings to this theory of non compliance to physicians’ instructions stems mainly due to certain factors mentioned below: 1. Inability of patients to recognize correctly signs and symptoms of CHF. 2. Strategic failure to encourage patients to adhere to medication and create awareness and also physicians’ tendency to underestimate the values of preventive treatment. 3. Lack of expertise as well as focused study by physicians and other healthcare professionals in the subject and the areas where scope exists for improvement, to remove bottlenecks, besides curtailing any notion of prejudiced barriers. Therefore, to bring more CHF patients under the ambit of compliance, the task of basic training and education and incorporating many of the solutions and recommendations brought forth in the review of the research work discussed below are expected to help in overcoming the misconceptions of non-compliance. Review of Research In the modern day, with its problematic lifestyles, CHF has become a major threat to human lives. The challenges for healthcare professionals, in controlling this fatal issue in terms of finding solutions of long term nature, are a critical factor. This makes it necessary to identify the hurdles they confront in the process of recovery and rehabilitation of the patients assigned to their care, and how they can overcome the major constraints. Keeping in view this vital aspect, the broader concern that emerges is whether noncompliance plays a key role in recurrent hospitalization of CHF patients because of the physician’s underestimation in preventive treatment for improved outcomes. This major hurdle in efficient management of Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome and Time (PICOT) occurs mainly due to noncompliance by patients of the physician’s instructions due to lack of lack of awareness. In agreement of this hypothesis there exists overwhelming evidence and the reasons for the same, as gleaned from a literature review on the topic, are narrated below: 4. Ignorance and lack of understanding regarding signs and symptoms of CHF. 5. Strategic failure to encourage patients to adhere to medication and creating awareness in them on the need to overcome such problems through strict compliance. 6. The physicians and other healthcare professionals lack expertise in the subject and the areas where scope exists for improvement as well as to remove bottlenecks. Besides, they need to eschew any notion of prejudiced barriers. Hence, a formula has to be evolved, where more patients of CHF are brought under the perspective of compliance to preventive treatment and how basic training and education will help identifying the causes as well as signs and symptoms. Besides, it will also facilitate deciding and administrating the medication and treatment that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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