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“Little Clinic” Innovative Nursing Care Model: Little Clinic The Little Clinic is a healthcare services company that administers march in clinics located within trade spots. The clinics spotlight on diagnosing and treating minor illnesses by nurse practitioners under the physicians…
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Little Clinic
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“Little Clinic” Innovative Nursing Care Model: Little Clinic The Little Clinic is a healthcare services company that administers march in clinics located within trade spots. The clinics spotlight on diagnosing and treating minor illnesses by nurse practitioners under the physicians. The Little Clinic offers precautionary and healthful contributions encompassing health transmissions, bodily and vaccinations by providing prescriptions on the basis of diagnosis and treatment recommended. All these criteria could be easily fulfilled in my work setting, the Children’s Hospital. The mission of the organization is to provide excellent, physical, emotional and pious care to the patient and their families and to build an environment where every individual is respected, treasured and provided with the opening to excel in their profession and research studies are being promoted (Mission Statement). Little Clinic model therefore, fits into the organizations philosophy and values. Development Team for Innovative Nursing Care Model: Little Clinic The chief objective of the proposed model, Little Clinic, is to characterize a team of nursing staff capable of providing excellent care. The model is selected in order to generate a health care system, where health is patient-centered and incur world class health facilities with appropriate diagnosis and follow-up from the patient. The model is designed to focus on patient health, at the same time it involves reduction of waste to the minimum, incurred due to ignorance of the hospital staff or inefficacies. Little Clinic is chosen to implement these norms to provide maximum health benefit to the community by means of vaccination, general practice to diagnose and treat routine diseases (Model RN Line; Innovative Care Models). The recruitment of candidates both for nursing staff and physician is carried out keeping the above mentioned constraints in consideration. For the success of the Model it is essential to establish appropriate co-ordination between the nursing staff and physician. The nursing staff should be in a position to handle minor cases such as providing vaccination and general assistance. The nursing staff may is required to be efficient in handling minor cases. Incorporation of Little Clinic Model into Work With the advent of technological advances, it becomes essential for the nursing staff to keep abreast with the latest trends, instruments and the kind of facilities expected by the patients. Patients not only feel deceived if appropriate care is not being provided at the hospital setting but also there is an emotional turmoil which further deteriorates the condition. Keeping these constraints in consideration, the Little Clinic provides utmost care to the patient. Care is taken to keep the budget to the minimum and affordable. In case of serious illness being diagnosed the patient is referred to the hospitals. Little Clinic is committed to provide maximum benefit to the patient without causing too much of inconvenience. Thus, the model is designed to provide the best care and treatment without intensifying the patient's ability to pay. In order to establish such a model it is imperative that the nursing staff is motivated committed, knowledgeable and excellent in their pursuits. The nursing staff should be diligent, attentive and maintain their integrity and reverence. There should be a co-ordination between the physician and the nursing staff. The physician’s expertise should match with the skill of the nursing staff. Like any other organization, the model designed for "Little Clinic" is task oriented with an outlook and morale to accomplish the set objectives. The objectives are designed for the patient’s betterment; they are aimed at promoting health responsiveness, perfect management of disease condition, generating awareness by explaining and edifying patient and the family of the patient. Simultaneous efforts from patient as well as from the staff members, eventually improves the patients' condition at the faster pace (HWS, 2008). This is imperative as Little Clinic involves patients from the community. Little Clinic works with numerous inter- disciplinary teams. In case of critical illness the patients are referred to the hospitals for further investigations. Essentially a co-ordination is required with the staff of hospitals belonging to different disciplines. In case of some casualty it is essential that the Little Clinic should provide the patient with basic health benefits and then recommend to the hospital for further treatment and care. Effectively, the Little Clinic nursing staff must be aware with the use of sling and splint in case of fractures, to prevent further injuries and application of tourniquet.   Evaluation of the Model: Outcome Measurement The model is patient-centered and the success of the plan is attributed to the feedback provided by the patient and on the condition of the patient after recovering from the illness. The motive of the plan is to provide the best possible treatment in the small setting. It is an immediate help to the patient which is highly accessible in the commercial premises. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment provided to the patients in Little Clinic minimizes the patient's stay in the hospital. The quality care, precision in medication, cordial behavior of nursing staff, their devotion and appropriate approach is highly imperative. Essentially, an amalgamation of the devoted, knowledgeable, efficient and co-operative staff is required to accomplish the set targets and make the Little Clinic a success. Care is required for the patient as well as the family members of the patient to have a positive feedback. Reference HWS. Health Workforce Solutions. (2008). Collaborative patient care management. Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Princeton, NJ. MHS. Memorial Healthcare System. Our Mission and Vision (n.d.). Retrieved from Mission Statement. (n.d.) Retrieved from Model RN Line. (n.d.) Retrieved from Innovative care Models. (n.d.) Retrieved from Read More
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