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Nursing Assessment - Case Study Example

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Nursing Case Study Assessment Name of Institution Nursing Case Study Assessment Q1. From the case study, there are various priority nursing problems that the nurse must note during diagnosis…
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Nursing Case Study Assessment
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Extract of sample "Nursing Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages This shows that she is staining to breathe. The other priority problem that the nurse should note in the diagnostic statement is that Jane is experiencing dehydration. Dehydration is shown by dryness of the lips and the fact that her skin has lost its turgor and has become (Shen, Johnston and Hays, 2011). The other priority problem that should be noted by the nurse is that the patient is experiencing pain. During the examination it is observed that Jane is having problems forming sentences and she is not able to take Ventolin. Q2. During the diagnosis, it has been identified that Jane’s oxygen saturation is alarming which suggests that the oxygen saturation are 90 percent of Room air. To deal with this problem, the nurse will use the four components of the nursing interventions. The intervention will be performed by the nurse who will be in contact with the patient for most of the time during her stay in the hospital. The other nursing component that will be included in the intervention is performance of respiratory evaluations of the respiratory rate and effort that Jane is using when breathing (Shen, Johnston and Hays, 2011). Assessment of the respiratory rate is critical given that Jane has already shown signs of having problems in breathing and asthma is usually characterized by respiratory problems. The other nursing intervention to be implemented to rectify the problem is to carry out frequent assessment of the patient at least once daily. Frequent monitoring will allow the nurse note the progress of the patient and in case any emergency care is required, a physician can be called in immediately. The fourth nursing intervention that will used to rectify the problem is to administer pain relief to the patient. This is because the patient has shown signs of being in pain (Shen, Johnston and Hays, 2011). Q3. During the assessment of Jane, it becomes evident that she is experiencing chronic pain as she coughs. According to Gagnon (2011), pain is a subjective symptom and when measuring pain, the medical practitioner aims at identifying pain location, its intensity, temporal patterns, relieving factors and interference. It is hard to measure pain that Jane is experiencing given that she is an infant and has difficulties in communication. However, the best assessment tool should be relying on behavioral assessment of the child. The nurse should therefore observe facial expression as the child coughs and how she makes facial expression after medication has been administered. Therefore the best tool for the case should be the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale which uses to evaluate the level of pain based on the face. Q4. The recommended dosage of paracetamol is 15mg of paracetamol per kilogram. This is calculated by dividing 210 by 14 which gives 15mg per kg. Therefore the dosage recommended by the RMO is correct. Q5. Given the age of Jane and her present condition that gives her difficulties when swallowing, the nurse can utilize different strategies to administer paracetamol to her. The nurse can administer the paracetamol through a syringe placed at the corner of the mouth after which the nurse pushes the syringe slowly to release the medicine into the throat of the child (Ganzewinkel, 2012). The other strategy that the nurse can use is by giving the paracetamol using a teat bottle where Jane will suck the medicine. The nurse may also administer the pa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Case Study Assessment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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lisandro85 added comment 1 year ago
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The topic of "Nursing Case Study Assessment" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this essay opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own document.

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