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Reflection on Development of Advanced Communications Skills - Essay Example

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This essay will examine my personal development with regard to the communication within the multidisciplinary team, outside agencies along with other specific professionals about mental healthcare settings. A proper communication within the mentioned factors ultimately provides a continuum of care for every patient through comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. …
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Reflection on Development of Advanced Communications Skills
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Extract of sample "Reflection on Development of Advanced Communications Skills"

Download file to see previous pages While pursuing the course, I learnt that an effectual flow of communication with the multidisciplinary teams delivers the skill range in order to comply with the complex requirements of the mentally ill patients which ultimately improve the teams’ permanence of care. The legal as well as ethical context within which mental healthcare is delivered is primarily based upon certain principles which include autonomy, justice, beneficence and non-maleficence (Gamble and Brennan, 2006). From the learning outcomes gained during the course, I was able to determine the various frameworks within which mental healthcare is organised and delivered with the intention to promote service collaboration as well as coordination for the people with mental healthcare requirements and also encourages ‘best practice management’ along with care coordination. I found that the framework focuses upon two important factors relating to mental healthcare settings which include service delivery and clinical care. From the perspective of service delivery, the guidelines include the service range, staffing, training and development, quality along with performance management. In terms of clinical care with regard to mental health, the guidelines include the assessment of healthcare, treatment and inpatient care (Chisholm & Stewart, 1998). The aforementioned discussion helped me to acquire a detailed understanding about the ethical context along with the frameworks within which the mental healthcare is organised and delivered through the course of the year. In the course of my training, I was able to reach to a standpoint which related to the formation of an effective communication with the multidisciplinary...
This paper stresses that the mentioned factors are considered to be quite essential for ensuring safety and care of the patients in a mental healthcare setting. Though it leads to positive outcomes but there are certain barriers which significantly affect while building an effectual form of communication. The barriers can be the level of hierarchy, generational dissimilarities, changing levels of qualifications as well as status, disruptive behaviours, personality distinctions and culture along with ethnicity. These kinds of barriers can generally occur between different professionals that include nurses, physicians and the surgeons among others. In order to develop effective communication in future with the specific professionals as well as the multidisciplinary colleagues related with mental healthcare situations, it is quite necessary to overcome the communication barriers.
This paper makes a conclusion that the different communication barriers can be worked out through using the apt communication channel, avoiding information overload, forming simple operational structures with minimum hierarchy level, minimising the differences relating to individual qualifications, status and personality. The proper execution of the above factors will ultimately lead towards future development of effective communication with the specific professionals, outside agencies and multidisciplinary teams. Thus, it can be stated that the outcomes of the course has assisted me to gain better understanding about making effective plans for future development in mental healthcare conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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