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Nursing Curriculum Analysis Name: Institution The Course Design The course design objectively captures the needs of the students. A group within the faculty or an individual with the expertise may do the design. Course design occurs sequentially. It covers diverse areas of learning and congregates at the lesson plan process that must be specific to the nursing curriculum…
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Nursing Curriculum Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The designers usually incorporate the results from course evaluations from previous classes of the same course. This enriches the design process as it provides a benchmark that leads the designers towards achievement of the objectives. Any course design process incorporates the course objectives, outcomes and competencies. The course design ought to reflect the students’ area of knowledge, the abilities and values gained from the course. The course design identifies the materials necessary for the learning process. Once the core concepts and content requirement have been identified, the design captures the organization of lessons in tandem to the content requirement. The lesson would be tailored in ways that best advantage the students. The typical arrangement entails the content plan that moves from the known to the unknown. This lesson plan, beginning from the simple to the complex, accommodates the students. The course design usually would be skewed to favor the student and enables the gradual development from basic to complex (Wittmann-Price, 2009). Course to Curriculum Requirement The curriculum requirements resonate around the understanding of the subject matter. Therefore, the objective could be said to be the comprehension of the nursing skills. The course design and implementation address the core curriculum requirement. The course division, into smaller units of study such as modules, units and lessons facilitate the knowledge acquisition process. The course structure enables analysis, synthesis, internalization and application of the nursing knowledge. These enables the students attain the curriculum requirement. The process of acquiring nursing knowledge cannot be a one off activity. It entails the gradual process that consolidates diverse processes. The course structure enables the acquisition process going by the consolidated nature of the entire course package. The students interact with the faculty, fellow students and clients during the course. This essentially assists in the realization of the curriculum requirements. The curriculum design can, therefore, be considered harmonious with the course design. The course design must, hence, incorporate the curriculum objectives by appreciating the curriculum design (The essentials of baccalaureate nursing practice, 2008). The previous evaluations of nursing student graduate should help in developing the course design in a manner that fundamentally addresses the curriculum design objectives. The course design incorporates the use of materials, modes and models that the curriculum design adopted. The course delivery modes though diverse in nature contribute towards meeting the curriculum design. The curriculum design outlines the criterion that would lead to the production of nurses, proficient in both the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing profession. The course entails the opportunity for both practical and theoretical acquisition of nursing knowledge. This contributes to the meeting of the curriculum needs. The course design embraces both class and clinical learning modes. Through this, the students obtain the theoretical knowledge in class and the practical application during the clinical (“Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) 2010 Candidate Handbook”, 2010). Achievement of Course Design, Learning Expectations and Curricular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Curriculum Analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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