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To What Extent can Standardized Tests be used in Measuring the Competitiveness of Nursing School Curricula - Article Example

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To What Extent can Standardized Tests be used in Measuring the Competitiveness of Nursing School Curricula? To What Extent can Standardized Tests be used in Measuring Competitiveness of Nursing School Curricula? While most courses have similar missions and visions for their students, it may be hard to evaluate if every school are able to give the same quality education for students…
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To What Extent can Standardized Tests be used in Measuring the Competitiveness of Nursing School Curricula
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Extract of sample "To What Extent can Standardized Tests be used in Measuring the Competitiveness of Nursing School Curricula"

Download file to see previous pages Administering the same tests for all nursing graduates can judge whether or not the curriculum of a greater number of nursing schools across the country are competitive enough compared to other schools in producing highly-skilled nurses. Article Summaries The first article discusses the comparison of baccalaureate students from different schools that were enrolled in either problem-based curricula (PBL) or those in a conventional nursing program. Using a self-report questionnaire and scores in the National Nursing Registration Examination (RN Exam), the perceptions and abilities of the students were measured. It was found out that although the RN Exam scores did not differ significantly among the different schools that participated, the perceptions of preparedness and educational satisfaction did differ in the two curricula, with the PBL students reporting higher perceived preparedness and satisfaction (Rideout, et al., 2002). The authors recommended exploring further the relationship between educational approaches and student outcomes in order to create better nursing curricula in different schools. The second article discusses the importance of the use of external curriculum assessments like the NCLEX-RN. Every three years or so, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) updates their licensure exams to reflect the changing trends in healthcare. While the NCLEX-RN was not specifically designed to be used as an assessment tool for measuring the effectiveness of the curricula in all nursing schools, pass rates for each school in the NCLEX-RN determines whether the nursing degree program deserves to be accredited or not (Morrison, 2005). Thus, the higher the pass rates the school has, the more competitive it seems in the eyes of incoming students as well as for hiring parties. Integrated Analyses Both articles discussed the use of standardized examinations and assessments in order to measure the abilities and perceptions of various graduates of nursing schools. The first article used the RN Exam as a standardized test in assessing the preparedness of newly-graduated students from different schools and curricula for their career in nursing. The second article brought focus on the use of NCLEX-RN in assessing the curriculum’s effectiveness or weaknesses in preparing students for national licensure exams. By using standardized tests, biases in the judging of school curricula can be eliminated. To put contrasts between the two articles, the first one used the RN Exam was as a standard in measuring the preparedness of newly-graduated students from different schools and nursing curricula. While it was a good measure of knowledge, it was not able to measure the satisfaction of the students in their education or in their perceived efficiency of the curriculum of the school. The second article used NCLEX-RN as their standard in assessing whether the curricula of most nursing schools need improvement, or if the teachers needed to modify their methods in teaching. Reflection Based on the two articles, it can be inferred that the use of standardized testing is very relevant and imperative in comparing the capabilities of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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