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Concordadane with Medication in Type 2 Diabetes - Essay Example

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Concordance with medication in type 2 diabetes. [University] [Instructor Name] While delivering any sort of message it is necessary that the targeted people must be considered. The mentality and thinking of the targeted people must be kept in mind while designing the technique of delivering and conveying the message (Kaprio J, Tuomilehto J, Koskenvuo M, Romanov K, Reunannena A, Eriksson J, Stengard J, & Kesaniemi YA, 1992)…
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Concordadane with Medication in Type 2 Diabetes
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Download file to see previous pages Various techniques exist for presenting the information. Some of the methods include giving a presentation, printing a pamphlet and then distributing it among the people, giving a speech, personally conveying the message individually to each person, forming a team and then conveying the message in groups, using a website or even writing a report and then distributing the consolidated report among the people (Rota, Quadri, Fanti, Poglio, Paolasso, Ciaramitaro, Cossa, & Cocito, 2007).The method that is chosen must be according to the information that is to be delivered. The educational tool that I have used is a mug on which will be printed slogans regarding the adherence of medication regimen. A mug is a most commonly used utensil in our daily lives; we use it for different purposes and is always in our sight. The ease that is obtained while using a mug as a tool is that it is used by every person, whether the person is a male or a female or an elderly person or a child. It can be easily incorporated in our daily lives. The slogan can be printed in various languages and can also contain a small picture or image reminding of the benefits of adhering to the medication regimen and the harms that can possibly occur if the medication regimen is not followed properly (Relimpio F, Martinez-Brocca MA, Leal-Cerro A, Losada F, Mangas MA, Pumara A, & Astorga R, 2004). Besides other reasons a mug is an easily available utility and can be used by anyone; the greatest advantage of using a mug is the ease of accessibility. Using a mug to deliver and convey the message of remaining concordant to the medication routine is a very effective method because the most common utility that is used by any person is a mug; it is accessible to everyone. That is why using a mug to deliver the message is the most cost effective and efficient method (Hulka, Cassel, Kupper, & Burdette, n.d.). Diabetes type 2 is a disease in which it becomes very difficult for the patient to adhere to the strict diet routine and take all the medicines on time. The patient has to undergo a very strict diet because a slight variation in the diet can lead to an increase level of sugar in the patient, therefore a strict diet must be followed (Moussavi, Renier, Roussin, Mamputu, Buithieu & Serri, 2004). The patients usually get tired of the limited food varieties available to them and get bored of the numerous medicines they are bound to take and so they are always in search of an escape from this strict routine. It is of immense importance that the patients are somehow informed about the adverse effects that they would have to face if they not comply with the medication regimen given to them and this can be beautifully and completely achiebed by printing different slogans on the mug and distributing them among the patients. The slogans would be a constant reminder for them to adhere to medications (Schillinger, Wang, Rodriguez, Bindman & Machtinger, 2006). It is of utmost importance that the patient strictly adheres to the given medication in order to ensure good and effective health care. Through research it has been observed and found out that a very small group of people exist who properly follow the prescribed medications and majority of the people are those who do not strictly follow the pres ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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