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The objective of the paper is to understand the importance of healthcare communication and to identify its influence on the health outcome of individuals. Also in this paper describes Peplau’s International Relations Theory and Dyadic Interpersonal Communication Model…
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Relevancy of Effective Personal Health Care Communication
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Download file to see previous pages It has been noticed that the cases of patient complaints are likely to be lowered when effective communication activities are maintained between the service providers and the patients. It facilitates them to identify the problems faced by the patients and assists them in solving problems in a better way. Therefore, it can be stated that effective communication enhances the overall quality of care as well as the services provided by the several caregivers to the patients, and improves the satisfaction level of patients (BA & OO, 2012).
Healthcare communications have a significant influence on the health outcome of individuals. It facilitates the individuals to get aware of the health hazards that they might face, and also educates them about the preventive measures which should be taken in order to minimize as well as eliminate the chances of health problems to occur. Healthcare communications provide various means for the individuals to be healthy by providing adequate knowledge to the individuals about the nutritional necessity of human body and facilitate them to lead a healthy life. This type of communication activities can also educate the individuals about the adverse effects of consuming alcohol and other such drugs. It aids individuals in minimizing the consumption of alcohol and other similar drugs. Furthermore, healthcare communications aid in improving quality of services rendered to the patient and also ensures safety of the patients (National Business Group on Health, 2012).
Ineffective communications have several significant effects on health outcomes. Certain researches carried out during the period 1995 to 2005 have revealed the fact that ineffective communication has been the major cause in almost 66% percent of the medical miscalculations (Institute for Healthcare Communication, 2012).
Furthermore, it has also been noticed that ineffective communication acted as a cause for physical and emotional injury to the patients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Healthcare Communication Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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The topic of "Essay on Healthcare Communication" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own example.

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