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Nursing Intervention to Encourage healthy Eating habits Among Teenagers - Term Paper Example

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Nursing intervention to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits Among Teenagers Background: Nursing intervention establishes the means and ways for serving the patients in a more appropriate and fruitful manner. Nursing intervention, as the name demonstrates, is done by nurses or the people who are or have been a part of the services provided to patients…
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Nursing Intervention to Encourage healthy Eating habits Among Teenagers
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Download file to see previous pages There are four steps in the development of nursing intervention, keeping in mind the encouragement of healthy habits among teenagers: Assessing: In this step, the nurse will have to assess the problem or the area where they have to start from. Here, the nursing intervention is to develop healthy eating habits among teenagers. So the nurse will have to assess and analyze those areas from where the research can be started. The targeted audience – teenagers – can be made a part of the study for the encouragement of healthy eating habits among them. Formulating an Intervention: After assessment of the area, the process leads to the second step – formulation of the intervention. In this step, observing the eating habits of the target audience will take place. The nurse will have to formulate a plan for how to intrude in the social life of the teenagers, make them recognize their unhealthy eating habits, and convince them to adopt a healthy diet. Even though junk food has its charms, according to a research conducted by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition (2003), the results showed that teenagers who consumed a higher amount of beverages than teens who did not were more prone to having a high blood pressure. It has also been claimed that too much intake of junk food can cause depression among teenagers (Tomer, 2011). Doctors and nutrition consultants strictly inhibit the regular intake of junk food, not only for teenagers but for everyone. A recent study published in Public Health Nutrition (Sanchez-Villegas et al., 2012) showed that teens who consume fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than teens who consume less or no fast food at all. Enlightening the teens of today with the harms of fast food consumption and trying to develop reluctance in them for such might appear as the most challenging aspect of formulating an intervention. Implementing: The third step in nursing intervention is to implement the prepared set of plans. The step of implementation will include all the chosen subjects – teenagers – from the nurse on whom the formulation was attempted. In implementation, the results drawn from the research done can be shown to the subjects and any other people related to the subject. The priority viewers of the result will be the guardians or parents of the teens who, after showing the results, will be advised to decrease or condemn the fast food consumption in their child. Showing the results to the subjects and the harms caused by them might prove helpful, too, if they are willing to accept the flaws in their diet. Interviewing of relatives can also prove to be helpful in the deduction of results for the research being conducted. Evaluating: Upon reaching the end of the research, the nurse now has to evaluate the plan they implemented for intrusion and calculate the results obtained in a scale of positive to negative. The evaluation may take place by interviewing the teenager subjects and asking them for their feedback. The same can be done to everyone in the subject’s social circle to know if the subject’s eating habits are considered beneficial for them or not. The interviews and feedback hold an important part in the step of evaluation because they will prove helpful for the researchers in their deducing of results. From the evaluated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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