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Healthy grief - Essay Example

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When a loved one dies, feeling grief is a natural response. Grief can be considered as a coping mechanism and a process that people usually go through during the bereavement cycle. Different religions and scholars present diverse ways of coping with grief. …
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Healthy grief
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Download file to see previous pages For them, grief is either something to be processed individually, or something to be left for God, in a process of unburdening oneself to Him. This essay compares and contrasts three models of grief: Judaism’s cycle of grief, grief from Job in the Bible, and Kubler-Ross’s grief cycle. It also compares it to joy, because grief and joy can be seen as two opposite sides of the same coin of human emotion. These grief models are different in how they define and organize the stages of grief, but they are similar in their final goal, which is to help people to come out of their bereavement and accept their new reality. These different models of grief assert that grief is a natural human response to death, although the religion-based models focus on leaving everything to God’s plans, in order to accept the loss. Kubler-Ross (1969) pioneered the studies on grief and bereavement and her findings led her to accentuate that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (Kessler, 2009). They are different responses to loss, and not a linear way of experiencing bereavement (Kessler, 2009). The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, are considered as constituents of a grief model, which help people understand and go through their grieving process. They are tools to help bereaved individuals “frame and identify” their feelings (Kessler, 2009). ...
Kubler-Ross provides five stages that help people deal with their loss. Denial refers to not believing that a loved one has truly died, and people feel shock and numb (Kessler, 2009). Denial is important to grieving, because it is a protective mechanism that allows people to take in only what they can process and accept (Kessler, 2009). Anger is another stage of grieving and it can be directed to anyone or anything, including God, the dead, and the loved one (Kessler, 2009). It is an important emotion that helps uncover underlying feelings (Kessler, 2009). Kubler-Ross (1969) believes that anger reconnects people to the world, because from feeling nothing, they feel something (Kessler, 2009). It affirms that something is lost, and so its loss is fully felt (Kessler, 2009). Bargaining pertains to asking what could be changed or done to get back a loved one (Kessler, 2009). Depression is also a common response to death. Kubler-Ross (1969) asks the bereaved to not even consider this as a mental illness, because it is a fitting reply to a great loss (Kessler, 2009). After one or more of these responses is felt, acceptance can be attained. Acceptance does not refer to feeling that everything is alright, but accepting that a loved one is physically lost. It refers to realizing that the present reality is tolerable and that they must go on with their loves (Kessler, 2009). Judaism’s view of guilt has its cycles too. The first stage covers the death and the funeral, where mourners are relieved from their duties and responsibilities (Mallon, 2008, p.97). The second stage concerns mourning after the funeral, where the family has more time to feel their grief, although friends and other kin can visit and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Healthy Grief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Healthy Grief Assignment

...? Grief can be defined as the natural human reaction to separation, bereavement or loss, particularly the loss of a loved one. Moreover, thedeath or loss of a person is difficult to handle not only for the grieved family but also for the professional caregivers. Dr. Kubler-Ross was the first to realize that every person goes through a few determined stages in the time of grief. She developed a grief model with five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – which she prescribed as necessary for coping with the loss and ensuring healthy grieving. In this article, we shall compare and contrast Kubler-Ross’s grief model to the Book of...
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...? Healthy Grief School People suffer grief once they suffer from a loss of someone they cherish and loved. Grief may be as complex as the human minds, but it can never be avoided. There will come a time that a person needs to experience how it feels to grieve. Hence, there are already many researches on how to have a healthy grief. Some even state that there are stages and process in grieving. In relation, each person can experience grieving. However, each person has their own uniqueness and individuality and so as the way each person handles the loss of someone. “Grief is an emotional process” as what Hood, Hill & Spilka...
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HEALTHY GRIEF the important stage of grieving. 5. Acceptance is the last stage where individual actually realizes the mortality of his own or the loved ones. It is at this stage that the individual consciously accepts the inevitable and becomes fully aware that death will be certain and it can happen any time. Story of Job One of the key elements of the story of Job as described in the book of Job is the importance of remaining with a grieving person and using the grief to actually relieve a person’s discomfort. The story of the Job is a story of a wealthy, healthy and uprighteous person who suddenly lost his family, his possessions as well as his health. The visiting of Job’s friends during this period seem to...
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...Running Head: Healthy Grief Health Grief [Institute’s Health Grief Grief Grief is an individual’s normal reaction to the feeling of loss. This feeling of loss can be about anything or anyone important to the individual. The intensity of this emotional pain and suffering is directly proportional to the significance of loss (Mayo Clinic, n.d.). There are different ways of coping with grief some of them are: Kubler- Ross Model It is a grieving process theory presented by “Elizabeth Kubler Ross” in her book “On Death and Dying” in 1969 (Kubler-Ross, 1969). She presented this theory as a model for coping with one own probable...
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...their emotions. This five-stage model represents a healthy grieving process (Walter, 1999; Neimeyer, 2001). If I would grieve, I would prefer going through all the stages in order to for me to appreciate more the final phase: acceptance. References Archer, J. (2001). The Nature of Grief: The Evolution and Psychology of Reactions to Loss. Hove, England: Brunner-Routledge. Larson, J. & Nolen-Hoeksema, S. (1999). Coping with Loss. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Neimeyer, R. (2001). Reauthoring Life Narratives: Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction. The Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences, 38(3/4), 171+ Pastan, L. (1996). The Five Stages of Grief....
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...Healthy Grief The first stage of Kubler-Ross’ grief model is denial. In this stage, the grieving individual is unwilling or unable to accept that theloss will shortly take or has already taken place. The individual feels as if he has experienced a bad dream, and the loss is not real, and he expects things to return to normal. The next stage of the grieving process is anger. The individual begins to feel anger at the loss and its unfairness. At times, the individual may become angry with the dying person (or the lost individual) (Dombeck and Patricelli, 2013). Bargaining follows and in this stage, individual begs his higher power to undo the loss. The phase generally involves the promises...
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...Healthy Grief 04/09/14 Grief can be described as an emotion felt when a person losses close partner. Grief is commonly the outcome of the death (Twu counseling center). When a person loses a close relative, a child, parent or a close friend, his or her emotions may respond in a manner that brings about pain. This painful response on emotion is referred to as grief. Most of the people are so much affected by grief. They become unconscious due to the deep bond that they were connected with the departed person. In this regard, must such persons to develop a positive attitude that would enable them to deal with grief. The positive attitude develops as a result of someone acknowledging that the departed person or item is irreversible... . The...
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...Healthy Grief Grief is considered to be the natural reaction of people to any major loss occurred in their lives. This can be thedeath of their loved ones or an incurable or long term injury. There are several components of grievance such as emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual. Some of the symptoms of grievance are usually guilt, depression, gloominess and hopelessness. However the most common responses of a person to grief are anger, shock, numbness, fatigue, shock and yearning. Though grief is considered to be normal and the expected reaction of a person when faced with pain, still lengthened or severe grief may impose...
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...Healthy Grief Affiliation Healthy Grief Grieving has been defined as a normal process through which human beings react to loss. This process is complex and differs from one individual to the next. Emotions well up during this period of grief and at times, the normal mechanisms that are employed to deal with stress are overwhelmed and may result to psychological morbidity. The stages of Kubler-Ross are used medically in grieving (Kübler-Ross, 1997). Different religions however use different models as a reference point for the steps that constitute normal grief. This paper will compare the grieving process as described my Ross, that of Job...
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...Healthy Grief Healthy Grief Grief is a common process in the life of every individual. Many problems such as the loss of loved ones, job, illness, and property among others have the potential to induce the grieving process in a person. Healthy grief is helpful in overcoming the despair caused by the above conditions. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross provides us with five stages of grief that help in defining the steps that a person may undergo during the grieving process. These steps help in predicting a person’s response in order to choose an appropriate way of helping them. This literature seeks to analyze the...
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