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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN Instructor Institution Date Self Assessment in Drug Administration The skills and knowledge that I have attained in the administration of drugs to patients is sufficient enough for effective practice. This is demonstrated by the knowledge that I have for the classification of various drugs in relation to their mode of action in the treatment of various conditions…
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Personal development action plan
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Download file to see previous pages More importantly, I am adequately knowledgeable about the action of various drugs. This knowledge enables me to determine the allergic reactions which would emanate from the administration of various preparations. Caulfield (2005, p. 43) reflects that a prescriber should be able to understand the possible adverse effects which would result from administration of various drugs to patients. The knowledge that I have on the adverse effects of drug preparations has enabled me to be able to inform the patient accurately of the possible side effects of drugs. Chernecky (2001) illustrates that knowledge of the side effects of various drug preparations is mandatory for nurses and drug prescribers because it enhances decision making in treatment and as a result leads to quality in drug administration and patient care in general. Additionally, I am aware of the toxicity which would result from the administration of specific preparations. This knowledge ahs enabled me to achieve proper and effective management of drug administrations with a view of avoiding possible toxicities. ...
Nonetheless, effective application of this knowledge has enabled me to achieve success in drug administration. In addition to my knowledge of the various concepts of drug administration and the ability to apply this knowledge, I am equipped with relevant skills in the administration of medicine to patients. The skills I have include effective communication during drug administration, accuracy in documentation and the ability for effective application of the six rights in drug administration. Nursing and Midwifery Council (2004) stipulates that in the administration of drugs, nurses must apply their communication skills effective to ensure that patients are adequately informed about the administered drugs. Through communication, I am to understand the previous drug history of the patient and matters which would affect the efficacy or potency of drugs in addition to the possible adverse effects which would stem out of the use of specific drug preparations. Additionally, through effective application of my communication skills during administration of medication, I am able to collaborate effectively with other medical professionals to ensure high quality in health care delivery. Bennett (2010, p. 22) stipulates that in the administration of medicine to patients, nurses are mandated to apply their skills and knowledge to ensure that the right medication, dose, route, documentation and time are applied in the administration of drugs to the right patient while respecting the right of the patient in the refusal of the medication (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, & Ovid Technologies, Inc., 2003). Areas of Development Regardless of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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