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Name Professor Course Date Nursing Education Introduction In any learning discipline, there is the possibility to include careful planning and organization strategies that reflect the skills to be acquired. Within any lecture to be accorded to the learner, the institution places a set of guidelines to be presented to the students…
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Nursing Eduaction
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing programs have been implemented in various countries to adhere to set codes with the standards set in the organized system. In the planning of the lectures, there needs to be the careful planning of the available resources within these institutions to ensure best practice delivered to support the course. Without the paramount provisions, there may be reduced understanding of the course. Like the other professional courses, nursing has been regarded as a leading profession in the medicine industry because they offer the cushion needed to patients, and to the doctors whose services are immense within the hospitals. Nurses have been assigned particular roles in the treatment industry because of their involvement in ensuring security and sustenance of the patient. The delicate group has offered challenges in best practice and there needs to be the careful selection of strategies in implementing their curriculum. With the complex course increasing within the society, evidence has been placed that, with the best teaching methods, successful nurses have been created. Best way to teach nursing lectures Before enrollment within a university that offers nursing course and lessons, the individual must be capable of handling designated duties to depict responsibility. The nurse bears the role of careful selection of methods that favor adequate conditions towards recovery. Nurses have been mandatory in the medical profession because they dedicate their effort to offering the needed base for easier performance within the institutions. The best nurses are those that have undergone through the needed learning and practice procedure to present measures that contribute to adequate service delivery. Before the individual is considered a qualified nurse, they must be accorded with the right documentation to prove their qualification to the profession. The licensure is gained after completing educational qualifications that are presented in accredited learning institutions. These guidelines have been the affirmative measures included in the state to stop under qualified individuals from offering the services. To achieve the license, there needs to be the development of best measures that promise to increase efficiency within institutions to ensure delivery of best nurses in the industry (Smith & Fitzpatrick 2006, p58). To qualify for the nursing profession, the requirements are varied for the existing nurses. Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) are required to complete an issued qualification in the formal education program with a suitable training program. The provision included to becoming advanced nurses has been included in holding the masters degree qualification. The organizations that offer the nursing profession in technical schools, community colleges and accredited institutions need to offer practical lessons in clinics and hospitals. This is mandatory to familiarize the candidate with the environment that they would work in after graduation. However, to present the desired experience, the students need to be motivated in a busy environment with tough situations. These may be through allocation to public hospitals as compared to private hospitals that hold the best facilities. The lesson in public hospitals may be added as compared to private with a few staff members to share the needed incentive. The assessment on the practical environment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Eduaction Literature Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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