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Case study. Ethical Dilemmas in Allen's Family - Term Paper Example

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Case study. Ethical Dilemmas in Allen's Family.
This paper accesses ethical dilemmas presented by the Allen family, surveys the opportunity of the role of a nurse and the idea of initiating decision-making model in sourcing a solution to the family’s problems…
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Case study. Ethical Dilemmas in Allens Family
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Download file to see previous pages Apparent ethical dilemmas challenging Allen’s family are Autonomy and Beneficence. Autonomy invites an idea of liberty of option. Autonomy’s context avails the patients with the right of adopting their preference in matters regarding treating. Beneficence involves the idea of initiating the best practices for solving patient’s condition (Harding, 2010). This mainly advocates for being good to the patients to help them emerge out of their situations. Although these terms advocates for imperative ideas, they presents dilemma in care procedures.
The Dilemma of Autonomy
A chief actor unveiling the dilemma of autonomy is Clifford Allen. Allen’s is scuffling with a condition of depression. His condition has a medical solution but he is not ready to seek assistance. According to Allen, his condition is a weakness but not a sickness and he claims to have a personal solution to his problem. He only takes medications for other conditions; for instance, he frequently visits a physician for his BPH tests but he never discusses his depression problem. This implicates a stern challenge since understanding the right option to adopt becomes difficult. The autonomy principle allows Allen a choice of defining his fate by the virtue that he has a sober mind (Harding, 2010). However, taking medication seems a better solution to Allen’s problem. ...
This creates a dilemma on the matter. Additionally, Pamela’ case reveals the idea clearly. Pamela presents a similar case as one with her husband. She constantly refuses to take chemotherapy and radiation prescriptions until her condition worsen. She feels that chemotherapy is not a good option for her condition. However, this is not the case because her health improves substantially after accepting the treatment. This implies that, subscribing chemotherapy was an ideal option for her condition but since Pamela has rights of choice according to autonomy postulate, imposing treatment is not justifiable. This develops the stand of autonomy as an ethical predicament. Importantly, Allen fails to uphold an initiative of autonomy. He is a victim of supremacy intricate. Allen himself refuses to take treatment because of his reasons; however, he strongly disputes the idea of his wife refusal of chemotherapy. He fails to remember that his wife also has a freedom of determining his fate. Consequently, he hates Pamela and he is not willing to relate with her stand. Indeed this position augments his depression hitch hence posing challenges to his health. A clear understanding and critical handling of the dilemma presented by the concept of autonomy would create a better environment in which they could substantially fight their problems. Beneficence Dilemma Numerous aspects in the family depicts beneficence dilemma. The spirit of adopting good practices to assist patients sometimes present challenging situations. Pamela presents a good paradigm of the impact of the idea of beneficence. She has risky determinations in ensuring her family overcomes their challenges. She quits her job to take care for her son. Moreover, she is very sensitive on her husband’s condition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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