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Diabetic Disease Management in African American Elderly - Essay Example

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Name Professor Institution Course Date Diabetes management in patients Diabetes is a body disorder in body metabolism that affects the way glucose made from food used, and insulin is a key requirement in the body for controlling the way glucose is used up in the body (Zazworsky & Bolin, 2005)…
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Diabetic Disease Management in African American Elderly
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Download file to see previous pages There are two forms of diabetes. The first type occurs when one’s immune system counteracts a body’s immune system and fights insulin-producing cells. The second type of diabetes affects the aged and people with a family history of diabetes. However, lately trends have changed, and cases are becoming increasingly common to young adolescents. In this type of diabetes, the “pancreases produce enough insulin", but the body fails to utilize it well. It thus, ends up not synthesizing glucose as required (Zazworsky & Bolin, 2005). Some of the major experienced symptoms of diabetes include patients being fatigued, frequent passing out of urine, weight loss, low immunity and blurred vision. However, it is essential to note that some people do not elicit any signs of illness. Diabetes can be managed if effective measures adhered (Zazworsky & Bolin, 2005). For instance, patients are required to observe strict diets and prescribed routine procedures. The main concern in managing the disease is normally sugar level management. Sugar levels are highest after eating. Patients are therefore, advised to plan on small, balanced diet meals at regular times. Medical practitioners mainly advise that constant amounts of carbohydrates be consumed since they affect majorly on blood sugar amounts. Good management calls for getting food portions right. Eating in small amounts leads to complications as it may cause reduced sugar levels while eating too much may cause increased sugar level a condition referred to as hyperglycemia (Zazworsky & Bolin, 2005). Diabetic patients advised to engage in a lot of body exercise as it helps improve body response to insulin production in controlling sugar synthesis. Good and simple exercise helps a lot in reducing sugar levels. Regular check up is also essential to keep sugar level in check. Plenty of water is appropriate for patients experiencing dehydration. Good management of the disease leads to hundred percent recovery for patients (Mazze, Strock & Bergenstal, 2007). Diabetes management in diverse care settings Management of diabetes has not been easy for many despite the availability of effective treatment. No mutual relationship exists between diversity in diabetes management programs, and concept frameworks of medical care. The need to have a concerted plan of action in dealing with diabetes cases is crucial. Ministries of health in all countries need to establish standardized conceptual frameworks aimed at ensuring that diabetes related deaths curbed. Most of the programs in place in most places, lack valuable elements of improving the quality of the disease management (Mazze, Strock & Bergenstal, 2007). Researchers conducted performed have proved that of all the programs put in place, to deal with the disease, only fifteen percent are perfectly effective in terms of both cost and clinical efficiency (Mazze, Strock & Bergenstal, 2007). Differences in cultural and social economic settings in disease management must be noted. Before any attempts can be made on standardization of quality, profound insight may be useful to conceptualize high quality care. Limitations in health care delivery particularly in availing resources and self-management must be addressed to ensure efficiency in management of the disease (Streltzer & Tseng, 2007). Age related disease management concerns Diabetes poses many enduring requirements on the side of patients in terms of "glycemic control" as well as life quality (Mazze, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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