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Education Programme of Tayside - Essay Example

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Summary I am a Diabetes Nurse appointed to deliver TDEP to patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This module critically evaluates the GLP1 Education Programme in Tayside to understand the functionality of Victoza/Liraglutide in detail, educate the patients beginning the treatment, propose measures to customize the education program according to the patients’ needs, and provide critical analysis of learning…
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Education Programme of Tayside
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Download file to see previous pages To direct my own learning process, I made use of a learning contract with my mentor and the Diabetes Specialist Dietician and prepared a learning program. Diabetic patients are increasing in number which incurs a lot of healthcare cost to the government. 1.2mg of Victoza taken daily is a cost effective way to treat Type-2 Diabetes. Victoza enhances insulin secretion and reduces glucagon secretion. Patients can take Victoza when the blood glucose becomes higher as measured by the HBAIC blood test, or when they have BMI greater than or equal to 35kg/m. Diabetic patients are referred to the nurses by the diabetes consultants for treatment. The GLP-1 Victoza Group Education Program was started only two years ago but became very popular in very short time, thus imparting the need to start the treatment in group setting. The group setting increased the productivity of the DSNs. Various studies have found Victoza very effective for the treatment of Type-2 Diabetic patients. Particularly when it was taken with Metformin daily, it improved the blood sugar control in patients and helped them lose weight. Control of diabetes and patient education reduces a patient’s susceptibility to the risk of nephropathy, retinopathy, and cardiovascular diseases. All diabetic patients should receive structured education to be able to self-manage their disease. The cheapest way of educating patients is group education as more patients are educated in lesser time, thus saving the time and effort of both the nurses. Group education encourages the adoption of innovative learning approaches, and is thus recommended by payors, educators, and policy makers. I experienced slight difficulty when the teaching session commenced, but the stress wore off me as time passed. I have learnt how to educate the patients with due assistance of the specialist dietician using visual aids which made the sessions interesting for me as well as for the learners. Learners were taught how to administer Victoza. They were asked to do their first injection themselves. Knowledge of the treatment made the patients feel relieved. The patients were also taught the use of blood sugar meters and the principles of healthy eating. It was an overall good experience, though patients would have developed better concepts of treatment, had they been provided with structured education about diabetes and its treatment beforehand. In addition to the treatment education, patients also need to be made aware of the potential implications of not taking the treatment upon their health, so that they are intrinsically motivated to get the treatment. The treatment program should be supplied with adequate resources. Every treatment program should be supported with a structured curriculum. The current education programme can be accorded with the criteria established by NICE by integrating the philosophy of GLP1 (Victoza/Exenatide) Group Education Programme, curriculum, hand-outs, patient evaluation tools, periodic peer review, internal quality assurance, and improvement of patients’ diabetes control twice a year in the program. To integrate these factors into the current education programme, I have used the Tayside Diabetes Education Programme to enhance the structure of the GLP-1 Victoza Group Education P ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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