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Analysis of Social and Health History Data for Older Persons - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Everyone would like to remain young for the rest of his or her lifetime, however, old age does not knock the door, and it just comes in without invitation. Changes in appearance, the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, drier, and more wrinkled…
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Analysis of Social and Health History Data for Older Persons
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Social and Health History Data for Older Persons"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the psychological changes among others are all problems associated with old age. The major changes that individuals face include adjustment to retirement, reduced income, and the use of leisure time. We will carry out a critical analysis of comprehensive social and health history data for two older persons. In this regard, one older person considers she or he is healthy’ for this stage of their life. Conversely, the second older person considers him/herself as experiencing ill health and/or a dysfunction. The potential health problems, demonstrate differences in these two persons’ social and health histories. Analysis will also be made on how these health problems impact on their quality of life and lifestyle. The person who will consider that he/she is healthy to this stage will react positively to changes. They will accept the fact that as the functions of the body changes, a healthy mental attitude helps a person to maintain a zest for living. This will free the person from monitoring changes and enables the person to seek medical care, hence adjust to personal lifestyle. This person will struggle to stay physically healthy by changing the poor health habits. Such habits include avoidance of negligence and body exercise that slows down the aging process. This postpones physical symptoms of aging such as heart failure, stroke, hypertension, and arthritis. Exercise will stimulate the mind and lessens premature dependence on others thereby improving the overall quality of life. This person with have positive social interactions that will enrich aging and can even involve themselves in community development, in volunteer activities, or even close family ties. All these provide enjoyment as a person ages. Ericson (1950) theory, Ego integrity versus despair, involve coming into terms with one's life. Any form of ill health can easily be dealt with, and these persons live long than expected. It is important to note that the adults who get to a sense of integrity feel whole, complete, and satisfied with their achievements (Martin & Kinsella, 2004, p.90). On the contrary, these other older person who considers he/she is experiencing ill health and/or dysfunction. These persons take the aging process negatively and lacks acceptance. At this stage, despair comes in and they feel they had made wrong decisions. In such a scenario, the time is too short to find an alternative route to integrity. Without another chance, these persons find difficulty in accepting the closeness of death and overcome with resentment, defeat, and hopelessness. These attitudes expressed as anger and contempt for others disguising contempt for oneself. These persons tend to have a faultfinding behavior with a tendency to blame others for their personal failures. They also have regretful view of their own life reflecting with a great sense of despair. These people will just lie down on their beds and start complaining. They get more prone to aging diseases as stroke, hypertension, heart failure, arthritis, and they lack the strength to struggle with such diseases. They die within a shorter period than expected. Compare the similarities and differences in the chosen health problems Similarities in these two persons are that they are both older persons thus exposed to illnesses associated with old age. Such diseases include omega 48 blood disorders, neurological disorders, and respiratory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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