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The Idea of the Oklahoma Lottery - Personal Statement Example

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The following paper 'The Idea of the Oklahoma Lottery' focuses on a problem in Oklahoma that is coming to the surface to mimic other states. There is the enterprise to be a problem in many ways because of the addictions and influx of visitors to the state…
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The Idea of the Oklahoma Lottery
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Extract of sample "The Idea of the Oklahoma Lottery"

Download file to see previous pages Since 2005 more than $187 million dollars has been collected in supplemental funding to educate Oklahoma school children. Supporters argue that an initiative to improve education and conserve state monies were education expenditures are increasing faster than the rate of population growth is taking place can be achieved through the use of gaming (Harp, 1996).
In 2004, Oklahoma voted to pass the “Oklahoma Education Act” with all funds to help education from pre-k through college. The Oklahoma Lottery Commission states on their website that proceeds from ticket sales will be deposited in a separate bank account, on or before the 15th day of each quarter, the Oklahoma Lottery Commission will transfer 30% of the proceeds to the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund. This Trust Fund will be administered by the Office of State Treasury. However, it should be noted that the Oklahoma Lottery Commission defines a lottery as a scheme for the disposal or distribution of property by chance to persons who have paid for a share of interest in the expectation that they will be distributed either money or goods of pecuniary value.
Are state lottery revenues gaining popularity in supporting education? States such as our neighbor to the south, Texas – have supported gaming as a source of income for budgets and now according to a 2008 press release, Oklahoma is doing the same.  The lottery in Texas does not actually increase the budget; it replaces general revenues that were once set aside for education.  This implication is one that has misguided citizens in many states. I hope that win voters went to the polls in November of 2004 that we were not misguided into falling into the same trap that our southern neighbors did.  The lottery in Texas has reduced the taxes the government has and lowered its own annual expenditures to replace with a public source of revenue, such as lottery money and taxation on big wins from casinos operated on reservations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Idea of the Oklahoma Lottery Personal Statement.
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