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Point of view: understanding the meaning of nursing Jacksonville University School of Nursing Point of view: understanding the meaning of nursing In order to be able to construct a personal philosophy of nursing, it is important to place nursing practice in the context of modern times where the major challenge of this vocation is to integrate its purpose in a multi-disciplinary healthcare atmosphere, while at the same time contribute to the innovation of the nursing image…
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Point of view: Understanding the Meaning of Nursing
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Point of view: understanding the meaning of nursing Jacksonville School of Nursing Point of view: understanding the meaning of nursing In order to be able to construct a personal philosophy of nursing, it is important to place nursing practice in the context of modern times where the major challenge of this vocation is to integrate its purpose in a multi-disciplinary healthcare atmosphere, while at the same time contribute to the innovation of the nursing image. Whereas theorists have attempted in several ways to offer a complete, more humanistic approach to nursing, scientists on the other hand have made their point emphasizing the importance of evidence-based medicine. As a result, when trying to construct a holistic approximation to the meaning of nursing, the problem becomes evident: nursing models have unsuccessfully tried to link theory and practice. As other professionals involved in health care, a nurse must implement in her/his daily activities not only professional knowledge, but also intuitive and humanistic awareness. Good quality care is provided through a caring relationship by professionals who are involved, committed and concerned about their patients. Nursing as caring profession involves emotional support and comfort which are important aspects of quality care. Indeed, nursing care which does not consider a humanistic approach is perceived by patients as not good quality care . However, a complete framework for nursing should likewise include evidence-based practice. Scientifically endorsed theories are employed for diagnosing and treating patients, and nursing practice should not stand outside the searching for knowledge through scientific means. To improve nursing care, nurses must be able to assist patients by using evidence-based practice. French considers evidence-based practice as a process which is able to improve quality of nursing services incorporating current practice, prior and propositional knowledge, and tacit knowledge . Theory and clinical setting are not different types of knowledge. For instance, McCrae quoting Carper identifies four elements of nursing episteme including empirics, aesthetics, ethics and personal knowing . Essential components of JUSON philosophy of nursing are caring and engaged learning which support student’s development competence in scholarly inquiry, clinical excellence, leadership, and health and education technology. Caring as an intrinsic feature of nursing is demonstrated through compassionate towards human dignity and it is cultivated trough education, values and behaviors. Excellence in nursing practice is achieved by engaged learning, which at the same time is an indispensable approach to gain knowledge. Nursing knowledge is constructed specially through scholarly inquiry; therefore nurses are encouraged not only to engage in research and academic activities but also to demonstrate clinical excellence and leadership . JUSON philosophy of nursing includes both, theory-based practice as well as evidence-base practice; therefore JUSON philosophy embraces nursing practice in a complete fashion. Humanistic care as personal knowledge is well appreciated by patients, even more than impersonal knowledge, and it becomes more valuable if guided by scientific knowledge. Scientific thinking is provided by JUSON philosophy of nursing mainly through the incentive of scholar inquiry. In this way, humanistic care which is an intrinsic feature of nursing is accompanied and conducted by evidence-based practice, developing a well-structured theoretical framework for those who want to practice nursing. According to McCrae it is mandatory to evolve nursing knowledge inside the framework of empirical evidence and theory-based practice . The role of models and theories is to provide a humanistic framework for nursing knowledge and practice; however nursing is also a pragmatic discipline that includes a wide range of skilled therapeutic interventions and whose responsibilities are determined by professional and social norms, as well as cultural tendencies. Additionally, it is important to consider, that knowledge constructed in the sole basis of scientific evidence is academically sterile and of uncertain legitimacy. Moreover ‘‘the challenge is to build theory in a way that maximizes evidence while minimizing reductionism’’ . Models of nursing have been proposed to guide nursing practice and offer training and research structure while supporting the development of professional knowledge; however the majority of them have failed to bond theory and practice. It becomes a challenge to construct a philosophy of nursing based solely in theory, especially when models have been observed as idealistic doctrines derived from intuitive care. Nursing is a caring profession whose progress depends on theoretical development. A philosophy of nursing should consider a comprehensive model that would allow nurses to become more independent and responsible in their organization and clinical resolutions, while enhancing the development of nursing as a caring discipline based in scientific knowledge. Probably rationality provides a sensible and accurate philosophical basis for building the theory of nursing . Nursing theoretical development may help the innovation of nursing image giving nurses autonomy to define their role in the multidisciplinary health car of today. References Read More
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