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Effective Cancer Symptoms Management - Essay Example

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Effective cancer symptoms management Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Effective cancer symptoms management Planning, implementation and evaluation of change in symptom management Over the years cancer has been evolving as a disease. This obviously leads to it becoming more resistant to over used symptom management systems…
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Effective Cancer Symptoms Management
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the change in symptom management programs applies the use of technology to detect and to deal with breast cancer symptoms. Apart from technology, specialization is also applied in the novel symptoms management programs. Pain, anxiety and fatigue are the common challenges faced by cancer patients. For their urge to get relief, patients seek alternative modes of therapies apart from their normal medical procedures. These numbers of patients make to about 90% of all cancer patients (Jemal, et al., 2008). This is a clear indication that a comprehensive cancer symptom management programs need to be established. One of the most important symptom management changes is the art therapy. The art therapy is not only for patients and their families, but also the general public. This is simply a clinical intervention of therapy which creates awareness about cancer. Additionally, it creates the belief that art nourishes ones health and strengthens ones life. Mainly, art therapy deals with the creation of awareness and expression of patients’ deepest emotions (Shaw, 2011). In the case of breast cancer, an expression of an individual emotion is very important. Breast cancer can be demoralizing and the best way to create the feeling of self appreciation is by expressing one’s feelings. ...
He is transferred to an urban medical centre for a period of four months. The patient should be above the age of eighteen, communicate in English and have the ability to have an hour session on art therapy. The following breast cancer symptoms are studied during art therapy: pain, tiredness, nausea, depression, anxiety, drowsiness, lack of appetite and shortage of breath. Two instruments are used in the art therapy: the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS) and the State Trait Anxiety Index (STAIS-S). These two instruments are used in the study and analysis of the breast cancer symptoms. The ESAS is an instrument which is used in the symptom assessment of palliative care. The measurement is done on a numerical scale which runs from 0-10. The patient under study picks the number which he feels is the level of improvement in the giving of palliative care. Zero stands for the worst and ten for the best level. The STAI-S is used mainly in measurement of anxiety in adults. It gives the determination on whether the anxiety is long term or conditional. Apart from the two instruments, the patient is asked three open ended questions which give a more proper outlook of the therapy. The questions in this case include; would you undertake art therapy again if given the opportunity? , did you experience any change caused by the art therapy and did you find art therapy comfortable? The art therapist would then take on the patients through the necessary steps. The art therapist should be licensed by the government. The therapist acts as a helper to the patient. He also picks the media the patient is exposed to. Additionally, he drafts the course of the program. Patients take part in activities such as drawing and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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