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Project of Activity - Essay Example

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Developing Stage Professor Date Developing Stage In this stage, I will put into action my activity as per the planning stage, which was to carry out a bed bath with a patient on my appointment. Considering the confidentiality of patients as provided under the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct (2008) I will prefer to identify my patient as Mrs…
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Project of Activity
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Download file to see previous pages S to maintain her confidentiality. Mrs. S is an elderly lady aged 60; she has undergone a total right hip replacement for neck of femur fracture. My patient is being diagnosed with seizure activity (ITU-HDU), Thyrotoxicosis, R THR, early onset dementia. She is under normal diet and fluids which she is being supervised. Mrs. S only requires minimal assistance as she can use the Zimmer to support herself as stated in the doctor’s assessment. I conducted my activity, bed bath with Mrs. S on the 29th March 2012. I did this activity in the presence of a nurse who has been monitoring Mrs. S’s health condition. The main objectives of conducting this activity, bed bath was to ensure my patient’s hygiene is maintained, ensure that the activity is documented, and ensure that my patient operates within a clean and health environment and to report any signs of possibility of deterioration of my patient’s heath. Making the patient more comfortable is imperative by ensuring that patient centered approach is upheld. It is my responsibility to ensure that my patient stays safe from any risks which may come as a result of her condition. It is an obligation to ensure that the legal and ethical code of conduct is adhered to while conducting my activity with my patient, for example, maintaining confidentiality and respecting the views and suggestions of the patient. As part of ensuring that individual centered approach is applied, providing Mrs. S with a favorable environment makes her more comfortable and encouraged. My activity ensures that all dirt and soiled hospital dressing are dumped in a safe place; the incinerator which ensures that all is burnt without emitting gases into the atmosphere which could pollute the air, therefore, air pollution related health problems are reduced. According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, Mrs. S requires emotional, physical and psychological needs in order for her health to improve. Mrs. S has a daughter who frequently visits her to provide emotional support as well as physical support. Her daughter is very charming which while she is around; Mrs. S is seen to be very happy and seems to have forgotten anything about her illness. Sutcliffe states that it is the role of the family to ensure patients, particularly the elderly, are shown love, care and support (2011 p.36). Physically, Mrs. S is willing be supported to stand using the Zimmer frames which are readily available within the hospital although it is quite challenging. The nurses are in a position to assist Mrs. S through guidance and counseling because she is ready to listen and develop a positive attitude. Murphy, Gretebeck and Alexander (2007, p.1068) illustrate that communicating with the patient is a fundamental need while taking care of elderly patients. My ability to communicate with Mrs. S made it easy for me to know how she wanted to be handled. The fact that Mrs. S could not stand on her own needed proper communication when she wants support. Mrs. S, is a strong woman since she does not let her condition affect her feelings, she is very open to share with the nurses about her experiences and is very wiling to immediately report any developing pain. Documentation of any activity done with a patient is mandatory, which is part of my aim in doing the bed bath. Cooney, et al. explains that the Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing requires that nurses keep records of care given ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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