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The Nitrogen Cycle - Statistics Project Example

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The aims of this project “The Nitrogen Cycle” were to observe the salinity gradients along Kinvara Bay, which has exhibited a great effect on the nitrate reductase activity. Further, another core objective was to detect and perceive the diversity of the nitrate reductase genes Napa and narG…
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The Nitrogen Cycle
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, the salinity gradient was different along Kinvara Bay in time point 1 in comparison to time point 2. The periplasmic reductase gene Napa and the membrane-bound narG were presented in the sediments where Napa had a high affinity for nitrate in comparison to narG. Moreover, it was identified the presented bacteria in the bay were rather similar to those in Colne Estuary sediments, United Kingdom, back in 2007. (Smith et al., 2007). In general, the presented bacteria were from gamma proteobacteria, which is strongly associated with Napa reductase gene. Overall, another extensive study is needed to fully understand the denitrifiers Napa and narG community and structure in the environment. Further, quantitative polymerase chain reaction is necessary to quantify gene copy numbers of these two genes (napA and narG) present in the environment. Sediments from time point 1 and 2 of all the three sites were heated in the oven overnight to ignite the carbon. Subsequently, the samples were weighed to calculate the total organic carbon. Carbon source was considered as being crucial in the denitrification process. Water salinity was measured by a Refractometer. This is quite an easy type of measurement to account for salinity. Measuring the sediment salinity was accomplished through different steps.  Primarily, distilled H2O was added to all sediments from the three sites from time point 1 and 2. The sediments were centrifuged and this allowed the salt in the sediments to be dissolved in the water.  The dissolved salt was then filtered and evaporated in the oven overnight, weighed, and then calculated. The sediments salinity was represented the different gradients through the three sites,  from both time points 1 and 2. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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