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Rapid Response Team of Acute Conditions - Essay Example

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Difference between RRT of Acute Pain Conditions in NHS UK and Riyadh Military Hospital [Instructor] Difference between RRT of Acute Pain Conditions in NHS UK and Riyadh Military Hospital Introduction: National Health Services is a shared name of the health provision services around the globe…
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Rapid Response Team of Acute Conditions
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to provide in-depth comparison between the rapid response team of acute pain in Riyadh Military hospital and national health services of United Kingdom. The comparison has been conducted on the basis of policies being implemented in both the countries in terms of health care provision. Furthermore, the paper will also discuss the implication of SBAR model to address the rapid response for acute pain cases. The policies as studied within the context of UK hospitals are in the form of protocol directed by National health services (NHS) UK. The paper has been structured by providing in depth introduction to the rapid response team for acute conditions in national health services (NHS) of Saudi Arabia and United UK. Secondly, financial system section has also been added to understand the amount of revenue that is used to provide rapid response in acute pain situations. It should be noted that it is highly significant to create understanding with the advantages and disadvantages of programs being implemented in health provision sector. Health Policy for Rapid Response Team in Riyadh Military Hospital in Saudi Arabia: The policies for the rapid response team in Saudi Arabia have recently been addressed by the medical services. It has been suggested in the main protocol of the program that response team will be selected on the basis of certification. This is similar to the criteria of UK rapid response team (RRT). The only difference is that the implication has been noted absent at most cases. Many cases are still being noted in the context of hospitals in Saudi Arabia where patients die because of no address to the emergency calls (Essa 2012). It is expected from rapid response team to provide intervention in the lesser time frame. This is the basic policy that has been set for the rapid response team of Riyadh military hospital. As per the hospital’s policy maker, it is expected that the rapid response team will be able to implement all needed medical models for intervention purpose within five minutes time. Consideration of five minutes treatment means that the model implication for assessment of the patient is done along with the recommendation. If in any case, more time is being consumed then it should not be considered as a failure of RRT (Piza and Adelstien 2011). The criteria for setting five minutes assessment is because the members should be capable of managing more cases of emergency. The difference between any RRT with the traditional treatment team is in terms of minutes of assessment. The purpose of a rapid response team is to extract out the right cause from the situation of acute pain. If in case, more time is being taken by the team then the main motive becomes unaccomplished (Adams and Failano 2011). Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR): The rapid response team (RRT) at the Riyadh military hospital level recommends the usage of situation, background, assessment and recommendation (SBAR). The policies for the rapid response team (RRT) have made it evident that SBAR should be followed in order to diagnose students in the best possible manner (AMA 2012). The implication of SBAR in Riyadh military hospital is because it has proven a successful manner to communicate the patient’s condition by the rapid response team to primary care provider. SBAR was basically implemented at US navy hospitals as a major method of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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