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Misleading Statistics: Vitamin E - Research Proposal Example

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The research “Misleading Statistics: Vitamin E” should aim at establishing the correlation between Vitamin E and fighting off cancer and heart diseases. Once enough quantitative data has been collected, there is a need to carry out a multi-regression analysis…
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Misleading Statistics: Vitamin E
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Download file to see previous pages Many researchers have a weakness in making their conclusions following a study on particular research. Previous studies have indicated a higher number of adults not using sunscreen. However, this does not mean that all adults do not use sunscreen. In any case, most of these studies have based their conclusions on given samples, which may not be adequate enough to represent the entire population. Consequently, there is a serious need for researchers to engage in finding appropriate confidence and significance levels that make their results authentic hence comparable to the whole population. Lower confidence and significance levels usually result in increased biases of data as provided for by researchers.
Most articles are usually developed after conducting a series of research or study that employ sample data. Sample data is used in representing a given population (Best 2004). The mistakes most researchers make is assuming that since the sample employed possess a given feature then it becomes obvious that the population will also have the same feature without providing a room for any critique. In this case, probably 71% was the percentage of adults who were not using sunscreen in the sample. It will be misleading to conclude that the entire adults do not use sunscreen without giving proper significance level in which the study was conducted. What’s more, the researcher ought to have given a statement relating the conclusion with the sample (Gelman and Nolan 2002). For instance, the statement could be, “following the results of the study in which 71% of the respondents do not use sunscreen, it can be concluded d that majority of adults in the population do not use sunscreen”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Misleading Statistics Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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