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Assignment - Statistics Project Example

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The alternative hypothesis H1 is that perceived quality of merchandise is a determining factor of store image for shoppers at speciality stores than at discount stores, since it is a true hypothesis and the claim is to be a true one whereas the null hypothesis is that the…
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Statistics Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages But this is violated. So only the unspecified data is not included.
Since the Chi square observed value is greater than the expected value with probability of significance 0.000, we reject our null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis and conclude that the location of melanoma sites is dependent on gender.
The linear relationship is not significant since the F value in the ANOVA table shows that the probability of significance is 0.441>0.05 and the F value is less than 1. This is the clear evidence to show that the predictive linear relationship between the two variables at 5% significance level is not a predictive linear relationship. More over the t statistic value for the regression coefficient is 0.81 with probability of significance 0.441 which is also another parallel evidence.
Since it is one tailed and the average Post BST is significantly higher than the average Pre BST, we observe that there is a highly significant difference (increase) between pre BST and post BST. The post BST shows a significant increase in the mean milk production at 5% level of significance.
The Z observed value is 51.5/13.859=3.72., For one tailed test, the critical value of Z at 1% level is 2.33. Since the Z observed value of 3.72 is greater than the Z critical value of 2.33 at 1% level, we reject the null hypothesis and conclude that the control group’s reaction time is significantly lower than the phone group while driving. The less reaction time the better is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Statistics Assignment Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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