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Nurses and Health Professionals: Effort Towards Promoting the Nursing Staff - Essay Example

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This paper provides a reflection on an encounter with an elderly schizophrenic woman admitted to the recovery ward. It shall utilize the Gibbs Reflective Cycle in its analysis, reviewing actions and critically assessing these based on evidence-based practice…
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Nurses and Health Professionals: Effort Towards Promoting the Nursing Staff
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Extract of sample "Nurses and Health Professionals: Effort Towards Promoting the Nursing Staff"

Download file to see previous pages I felt that I have acted in the patient’s best interest and that I made the best decision in reviewing her symptoms and evaluating her for other illnesses. I felt that in communicating better with the patient, I achieved better efficacy in understanding her physically, psychologically, and mentally. I felt that although the patient’ pain complaints may indeed be psychological, there was no harm in reviewing her complaints and evaluating whether or not such complaints may have an actual basis. I feel that by making assumptions about the patient’s condition, health professionals would not be able to uncover the exact condition of their patients. In this case, the nurses assumed that the patient’s pain complaints were psychological when in fact, it was very much real and was caused by a prolapsed uterus – one which needed immediate medical attention. This pain complaint stuck in my mind because the patient was showing signs of actual pain which I did not believe to be psychological as was expressed by the nurses. After the cause of the pain was established, I felt relieved about my decision and about personally checking the patient’s physical condition. In the process, I feel that I have done all I could to improve the outcome of the incident. On evaluating the experience and my actions, I believe that the correct decision was made in reviewing the patient’s symptoms and its cause. The actions of the nurses were not appropriate because it caused them to miss the actual complaints of pain which the patient was feeling. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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