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Name Institution Professor Topic Course Date Introduction Tidal model of nursing Professor Phil Baker and his collegues pioneered the tidal model of nursing. The main purpose of this method is to promote mental health. This model also shows the meaning of the people’s experiences…
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Models and Frame Works for Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The medic using this method should acknowledge that change could happen anytime (Baker,P.2000). They should also know that everyone what is good for them. The Tidal method should take place in three different levels which are the self-domain, world domain and the others domain. Self domain- In this level people are made to feel and identify with their experiences. The domain aims at making the patient feel more secure. The medic helps the patient make a Security Plan. World domain- This is where history is held. The person needs to be understood. The person taking the patient through this process asks questions about the past and reveals their meaning. The medic may also identify what needs to be done for efficient recovery. Other domain- This is a representation of the various relationship the person has. The person gets support from different people. The friend and family may do so. The person may also get financial advice among many others. The main aim of this domain or process is to help the person live an effective ordinary life. The Tidal Method also uses the metaphor as mentioned earlier. The metaphor mostly used is that of the water. It explains that health is fluid in nature it is never stable. The water also describes how people can become emotionally, physically and spiritually unstable. This metaphor may help the doctor help the patient heal. The metaphor shows that problems do not last forever; they will change as time goes by ( Baker,P.2000). For care to be administered effectively, the person giving the care should realise that life changes and the nature of people to change too. The Tidal model likens experiences to ‘storms in the sea or piracy’ and says that when one is able to heal they are ‘put to sea’. The Tidal model has three group processes; 1. Recovery group- The main aim of this group is to help the person have a good self-esteem. This group makes them realise that they can help others in the society even if they were distressed. 2. Solution groups- This group helps the people to explore and share with others their experiences to get solutions for their own lives. 3. Information groups- This group helps the mental patients know of what they are going through. It helps them to know the kind of medication they are using, legal issues among others. Nursing process The patient had the following nursing problems; Sever headache and stomach ache, lack of appetite, he stopped caring about his personal hygiene, he developed unctrollable fear that he would be ran over by a car, he became very antisocial and he became very violent. In this paper, I will look at the two problems that are headache and loss of appetite. For the problems named above the patent should try to relax. This is because the problems could be because of anxiety or distress. Using the Tidal model of nursing, the patient should understand that this problem will last forever and they should take it upon themselves to solve it. The practitioner should put into practice the three main domains. In the self-domain, the practitioner should make the patient identify with their experience or problem. In the world domain, the practitioner should find out when the problem started and how it has grown to its current state. These questions help him or her identify with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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