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Budgeted Health Promotion Activity - Coursework Example

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The budget for the Health Promotion Activity Name of student: Course: Tutor: The budget for the Health Promotion Activity The planned health promotion will continue to address increasing cases of HIV/AIDS infection. The health promotion will be about voluntary medical male circumcision in the selected area where AIDS prevalence rates are high…
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Budgeted Health Promotion Activity
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Download file to see previous pages Community based health promotion is the most effective away out to execute such programs. This is because; it gives community members the opportunity to change their health risk habits. It is also easy to execute, as it can be done through individual counseling, focused group discussions, leaflets distribution or local support groups. It is effective when community leaders take part in achieving the set program goals and objectives. This should be focused at culture level since it is the best predictor of health habit change. Behavior change starts at an individual level but, its effectiveness will be realized at community level. Those with information should be able to disseminate the same information to those who do not have it. This can be achieved through community discussion forums need to be organized on a regular basis. Their main theme will be making people practice healthy choices. To ensure that there is overwhelming support toward the newly initiated programs; the community should be involved in the planning and implementation phases of the project. The community needs to be enlightened that healthy practices are the key to disease prevention, disability and death. This should involve encouraging people to adopt lifestyles that are beneficial to their well-being, while trying to abandon those lifestyles which make them vulnerable to sickness. Table of fixed, variable, controllable and unrecoverable expenses Fixed expenses Amount ($) Staff Salaries Rent Consultants costs Insurance cover for employees Variable expenses Fuel costs Car Maintenance costs Space and equipment hiring fee Materials Delivery costs Controllable expenses Program curriculum materials Program publicity materials Training of program facilitators Postages costs Unrecoverable expenses Equipment Packaging costs Material Shipping costs Travel costs Material Storage costs Cost-benefit analysis By definition, cost benefit analysis refers to as the act of comparing the cost of setting up a project or a program with the expected outcome. This technique help in making decision on whether to take up a new opportunity or make a change on an ongoing project or programmed. It simply entails summing up the benefits of an intended course and subtracting related costs (Brent, 2009). According to Brent (2009), the most accurate and best common unit of measuring cost benefit analysis is the money value. Despite the fact that at times it becomes difficult to evaluate some services in terms of money, it still remains to be the standard unit of comparison between costs and benefits in any project or program. For this case, the money aspect comes in particularly when the beneficiary access the opportunity of getting free counseling on sexually transmitted infections and even treatment before being circumcised. This would mean they will use this money in solving other day to day problems that they might encounter. The project has several benefits, this range from job creation to reduction in the rate of prevalent rates of HIV/AIDS in the intended area. The reduction in the prevalent rates of the disease might be a long term benefit, which will be realized after a substantial duration of time. For instance, the most immediate benefit is job creation, where the locals will get job opportunities as, project facilitators, monitoring and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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