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Nurse Retention - Research Paper Example

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Currently the U.S. is experiencing shortage of registered nurses (RNs) owing to the fact that the nursing colleges and universities are struggling meet the enrollment requirement to meet the rising demand for nursing care. The problem is projected to get worse with the ageing of the baby boomers generation and rising need for health care. …
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Nurse Retention
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Download file to see previous pages The current and projected shortage Indicators shows that the U.S. nursing shortage is projected to grow to 260,000 registered nurses by 2025 (Buerhaus, 2009), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009) reported the in spite of the job cuts in all the major industries, the health sector institutions added 21,000 new jobs in the month of June 2009 and more jobs are likely to be added in the near future. A research conducted by the Council on Physician and Nurse Supply in 2008 showed that the US health care needs 30,000 additional nurses to be graduated annually to meet the nation's healthcare needs (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009). The Health Resources and Services Administration (2006) projects that the US nursing shortage would grow to more than one million nurses by the year 2020. It has been observed that due to the shortages, the recruitment and retention of nurses in the health institutions is a big challenge (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2006).
Change management
This section reviews Kurt Lewin’s classical approach to change management, specifically the application of force field analysis in the implementation of a nurse retention program at any local healthcare facility. Kurt Lewin’s classical theory is based on a systems approach to change management. According to him a state of equilibrium in a system is achieved when the forces acting for change equals the forces acting against change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurse Retention Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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