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In the paper “Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree Program,” the author describes why he opts for this program. He has always yearned a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree because this degree would enable him to contribute significantly to the medical realms both theoretically and practically…
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Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree Program
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Admission Essay for Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree Program First and foremost, some words on why I opt for this program. I have always yearneda Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree because this degree would enable me to contribute significantly to the medical realms both theoretically and practically. I have always staunchly believed that I can make it to the top echelon of nursing quarters. I have been much interested in gaining knowledge from the well-groomed nurses who had already completed this Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree program, as well as in learning both medical and ethical aspects which would be brand-new and extremely useful for me in my future practice. Next, why to choose my candidature? I am sure my solid practical background will be a valuable contribution within the program. My academic goals are to reach the top of my career ladder and to achieve Doctorate program degree with flying colors. This Doctorate program would offer me a chance to determine the spheres of nursing where I have failed to study the underpinnings and where I can find out more about its intricacies and further implications. The Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree program would let me get acquainted with the state-of-the-art developments and recent research in this field. It will allow me the opportunity to determine where I am falling back on the standards of the nursing. It will also give me the much needed insight into the world of patients' feelings and emotions, as well as my ability to perceive their needs well and to satisfy their basic and advanced requirements. I want to study intricate ethical issues that can rise in patients' treatment and learn to address them like a compassionate human being and a passionless professional simultaneously (the matter of finding equilibrium is of primary importance here). For instance, I'm greatly interested in informed consent and its positive and negative influence upon all the sides of the treatment process. I'll do my best in attaining this degree as quickly and as well as possible in order to speed up my resuming of the actual nursing practice, being already equipped with the most advanced skills and knowledge. Nursing field, like any other sphere of human activity, is in the constant process of development. It is replete with burning issues up to the highest extent. One of the most significant issues related to nursing today is the shortage of trained professional nurses that staff hospitals and health care centers nationwide. Poor working conditions, salaries reduction, high liability and lack of proper equipment cause nurses quit their jobs in great numbers. They often become disappointed in their noble mission which is difficult to accomplish under such low standards (“A discussion on nursing...”). Low staffing ratios (RN to patient ratio can be really appalling, e.g. 1 to 8 and more) combined with a greater number of the people who are much sicker nowadays than in the past decades can become the real disaster in health care system if not attended to properly (“Help finding...”). Thus, one of my goals is to study this problem thoroughly due to the aspired program, try to find the solution (if any) or at least learn how to alleviate it in my everyday practice. Let's address one more issue in in the nursing field: substance abuse. The question arises whether offenders must be dismissed immediately or allowed some rehabilitation period? Such controversial issues should be addressed in a cautious manner; and I am eager to get additional psychological training and deeper knowledge to treat these complicated matters adequately. Nurses must learn the new dimensions of their field and upgrade their performance standards all the time. But unfortunately, many of them are unlicensed minorities which do not want to (or cannot) change the situation at all. The presence of unlicensed or undereducated personnel is eroding the nursing workforce standards (“Help finding...”). That is why I aspire to get into this program to be able to personally demonstrate adherence to high standards and constant self-improvement. The Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree program accomplishment would assure that I will remain abreast of the changes which are taking place on a regular basis in my sphere of knowledge (or will even introduce some on my own). To sum it up, there are so few slots to get into a nursing school and even fewer places in the programs like the one I endeavor to get into. I'll exert every sinew to achieve this goal, no matter how tough the standards and admission requirements are and how difficult it can be for me to comply with these standards. References “A discussion on nursing in the United States”. Contemporary Issues in Nursing. 2005. Web. Retrieved from “Help finding some critical issues in nursing...” Forum discussion. Web. Jul 04, 2005. Retrieved from Read More
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