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Three Issues for Graduate Nurse - Essay Example

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Instructor: Identification of the Issues At a nursing forum, there arose a number of issues rocking the nursing profession which aided in making decisions to transition into the professional nursing sector. The three issues included inter-professional communication, delegation and the well known theory of practice gap…
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Three Issues for Graduate Nurse
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Download file to see previous pages In other words it is the relationship that exists pertaining to doctors and nurses, regarding the method, nature and level of communication between them. However, not all nurses possess the appropriate qualities of communication. Interprofessional communication issue is brought about by lack of good communication skills between the nurses and doctors, which eventually results in violence, hostility and/or sexual harassment (Raising the SBAR, 42). The effect that results in these circumstances results in mainly inefficiencies in the provision of healthcare to the public. In the forum, there was emphasis put predominantly on the issue of interprofessional communication. Many nurses face the rage of uncouth supervision, which ends in the detriment of many in the nursing profession, engraving a bad reputation to the nursing industry leading to repulsion of many new entrants into the nursing profession. Other issues arising in this discussion concerning the hurdle of inter-professional communication were the use of abusive language between doctors and nurses, discrimination due to professional standards, sexual harassment and sometimes harshness (Dorschner, 43, 2010). According to Raising the SBAR (41) the president of American Nurses Association of California put forward possible remedies that could aid in reformation of the nursing sector. He urged those in the nursing industry to pick a leaf from their counterparts in other professions and endeavor towards a coherent relationship in the workplace. Some departments in the health profession have been known to encourage a favorable environment for their workers and patients: mental disability departments, analgesic care and hospices. This has been influenced primarily by the rise in awareness campaigns towards teaching graduates on the need for holding proper communication skills. Personally, enhanced interprofessional communication will assist me to easily get used to the new working environment. This will be attributed to the efficient communication with my colleagues who will be on different professional levels. Task 2: Relevance to a Graduate Nurse The reason for my entry into the healthcare industry is that I hold a personal interest to render a helping hand to the less fortunate, the sick and the elderly. I however have a challenge of expressing myself especially in times of crisis. Currently, many learning institutions are trying to bridge the gap by providing extra education course units to be covered which include linguistic course units. The relationship evident between the doctors and nurses and between the nurses directly attributes to the numbers of patients that show up at the health facilities (Fero, Witsberger, Wesmiller, Zullo &, Hoffman, 142, 2009). For those institutions that do not hold these privileges, it is important that graduates take a step and strive to curb the language barrier, as it will also make it easier for them to fit in the professional registered nurse field. Emphasis was put particularly on the issues that arise regarding inter-professional communication. Due to the rise in the number of graduate nurses in the field, some limelight has been shed on the issue of inter-professional communication and many nurses and doctors have taken up the ideology that many other fields of professions employ. There is a sense of hope that reforms will take ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Three Issues for Graduate Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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