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Quality Improvement [Your Name] [Your University] Abstract Quality management and improvement has been one of the core topics in the medical sector. Continual research is required in the field of medicine to make that patients get the best when it comes to health care and safety…
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Quality Improvement, Health Care and Safety of the Patients
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Download file to see previous pages The current economic situations in the west and worsening physical conditions in the East have triggered increased demand for hospitals in recent history. People visit hospitals for not only unusual situations but also for regular checkups owing to increased awareness programs undertaken globally. A hospital is a platform whereby individuals are given the best possible treatment; it is a place where people come in expectation to buy good health. Thus, the product delivered by this business is “health” – which is very difficult to account for. Owing to the complexity of this industry, firms (Hospitals and clinics) have to undergo rigorous training and implementation procedures before they start operations (Lighter, 2011). They have to be certified by legal agencies within the locality. This is done to ensure quality; one of the most important aspects when we talk about Health. Since quality is an integral part of this industry, all firms take necessary actions in order to maintain good quality of their product. This business competes with forces of Nature; it is faced by issues like legal frameworks, financial problems, keeping up with technology, being aware of new research, disaster recovery plans and customer satisfaction. In order to overcome these problems, proper plan is drawn out. First of all, to fulfill patient satisfaction and to maintain its own standard, compliance with regulatory authority followed by certification is the first process. These may be costly, but it is the first step to attain quality management in this industry. Once certified, that will ensure high quality technology and working environment, however, patient satisfaction is key. After implementation of government policies, a firm must use its own policies that should be in line with its strategic goals of “Quality Management”. It may set up its own safety requirements – these can be very basic like for prevention of natural disasters, emergency exits should be around the corners followed by fire extinguishers (Lighter, 2011). Another aspect of safety may be to avoid theft, for which camera’s may be deployed around the organization. This would ensure high level managers to monitor performance of employees and see to it that customers remain satisfied with the service they get. This can also be used to monitor patient’s activities and in case of false customer claims, the video can be shown to the customers themselves so as to prove the authenticity of the words of your hospital. The security aspect may cost a great sum of money, but at the end of it the cost benefit analysis shows the advantages outweigh the cost. The security would also be responsible to cater to any unforeseen incidents that may take place within or outside hospital premises – controlling security effectively would ensure a clean and comfortable environment ensuring patient’s happiness (Leebov and Scott, 1994). Another important factor for quality control is hygiene – the staff should make sure the hospital looks like a “showroom” – cleanliness increases customer satisfaction and comfort. The last thing patients would want are bad sights after their Ill health. Thus; the principle of management holds true for an organization like “hospital” also. The staff of nurses/doctors/janitors/security personals would have to be looked after by effective department managers. These managers would be good at their key ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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