Rehabilitation and Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction - Essay Example

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This paper explores the causes, effects and treatment of methamphetamine addiction. Addiction of the drug is caused by a single injection, inhalation or ingestion. Once introduced in the body, it mainly affects the user’s nervous and circulatory systems…
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Rehabilitation and Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction
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Download file to see previous pages Most of those who are affected are the poor because the drug is much cheaper and the effects last longer than those of cocaine. Cruickshank and Dyer (2009) explain that the chemicals used in making the drug have toxic waste that is quite explosive. The toxins that remain behind after cooking methamphetamine are also risky to those who stay in the neighborhood where methamphetamine laboratories previously existed. For total cleanliness of such laboratories, there should be complete overhaul of the structure with absorbent materials like carpets being destroyed together with sinks, drains and toilets and after the new structures have been fitted, thorough inspection should be carried out by a qualified health worker. The rehabilitation and treatment of the addicts is dependent on the attitude of the health workers. This is also affected by the existence of myths surrounding the treatment of addicts. Some beliefs state that whether addicts seek treatment or not, they still continue using the drug. This however improves with the health workers realizing that the treatment involves doing away with the involuntary desire to continue using the drug. The treatment process requires referrals for psychiatric treatment. When there is commitment on the part of the addict and the health care provider, addiction of methamphetamine is treatable. Assessment and management of withdrawal symptoms is important in the recovery process. The objective of the study is to determine whether emergency health departments address issues related to health including drug abuse. Also it determines whether health centers in Kansas have policies put in place to provide care and treatment to addicts....
addition to the availability of formal protocols. Proper application of the above provisions will reduce the health, financial and environmental effects of the drug. The findings of the study help in making the public aware of the fact that the location of a hospital does not influence acquisition of quality health care unless the facility is equipped with adequate facilities. Those practicing nursing should also know that the process of taking good care of addicts is fundamental in their recovery and that the notion of addiction being a voluntary decision is largely misguided. They should also formulate and implement policies consistently for effective treatment so as to avoid the destructive effects of addiction.The study is however limited because of the use of telephones for interviews. Therefore, there is no surety that the person answering the call is the best representative of the emergency department of the specific health facility. The sample size is small and may fail in some respects adequately represent the population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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