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LIFE COURSE DEVELOPMENT Your Name Goes Here Case Study Assignment - Adult 15/09/2011 Contents Contents 2 Selection of the Participant 3 Interviewing and Interaction Processes 3 Socio demographic Background 4 Biological Development 5 Psychological Development 6 Social Development 8 Prediction for Next five years 10 Conclusion 11 Works Cited 11 Appendix A 12 Appendix B 13 Appendix C…
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Life Course Development
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will mainly focus on biological, psychological and social development ofMr.H. The main purpose of this essay is to test our different possibilities and focusing on self-development and how to balance our life and work. . This essay will show the use different types of data collection techniques observation, interaction and interviewing, that were used to support this case study. Selection of the Participant The client has been selected on the basis of age, physical, social and biological factors. As I was studying a young adult so the participant was perfect for my case study. He also seemed to be in good physical health and in my initial observations he seemed to be having a thriving social life. I wanted to inquire the details behind the individual and thus selected him for the case study. Interviewing and Interaction Processes The first part of the interaction with the client was the informal interactions. These informal interactions took place whenever he came to visit my workplace. These informal interactions were prepared by me well in advance .I wanted to know him well before telling the purpose of my study. Some of the observations made by me during these informal interactions have been included by me in the appendix A. These reports were later shared with the client and he has given his permission to use the data even though the study was conducted without his knowledge. This was done in order to ensure that he does not become conscious and answers to my questions freely and without any prejudice. After informing him about my course objectives, an interview was fixed with him at his workplace. I reached the workplace two hours before the interview. This was done by me to finish the naturalistic observations before the interview. I also arranged a second interview with him at his home to differentiate between his behavior at work place and home. So the interview in the case was preceded by naturalistic observation which allowed me a chance to compare the two. Results of the naturalistic observations are provided in appendix B. The results of the interview have been provided by me in appendix C. Socio demographic Background Mr. is a 21 year young adult. He is currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering from Edith Cowan University. He is an international student, he lives with her sister. He works at in a supermarket as checkout supervisor. Mr. is an Indian male. His height is 173 cm and weight in kg: 80. Therefore, his BMI is 26.7. The client comes from a middle class family. His family consists of four members and has one sibling. He and his sister, who is 18 years old, live by themselves in Australia. His parents are in India and he communicates with them once a week. His both parents are well settled and are educated. They are with each other since 35 years. The client’s father is a businessman and mother is a house-wife, while his sister just finished the school and starting her tertiary education next year. He is single but has girlfriend from his country. The neighbors are not much interactive as they are busy with their own work and life. Biological Development The Biological growth of the participant is observed to be normal. His birth weight was 3 kg while the gestational age at birth was 38 weeks. During his birth, no complications were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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