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Child and Family and their Social, Cultural and Relationship Problems - Essay Example

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The goal of this paper is to analyze, assess and identify social, cultural and or relationship problems in the given family, which resulted in the child's current condition, and formulate necessary interventions and care plan in order to provide nursing care in the child's health and development…
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Child and Family and their Social, Cultural and Relationship Problems
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Download file to see previous pages A family assessment should contain discussions regarding the type of family, family finance, safety, health, emotional support within the family and outside the family and family roles. (Pillittery, 2007). This will be the guide that this paper will use in order to gain the necessary information it needs in order to create an appropriate conclusion. This will also help in the goal of the paper, which is to provide recommendations on nursing recommendations for a six(6) week period. This papers main discussion points are;
The case we are presented with provides us with a multitude of variables, facts, ideas and sources. Most, if not all of these things are things that will have some sort of effect on the child, either for short-term or in the long run. We were provided with a short family background, relationship descriptions, summaries of actions and histories, and these are the points of the case that our paper will focus on and use in order to get the needed results. We will also be relating these facts to current literature in order to get a bearing on the correct path to take for the assessment and nursing care plan.
Aside from the family influence, cultural, religious and environmental influences also play an important role in this case, as, according to a paper by, these social influences will have a resounding effect a persons attitude or outlook.
Aside from the factors stated above, the case had also described some issues such as the child's difficulty in adjusting to life in a foreign place, being diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder, suffering from a form of Dyslexia, being diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus, having been teased at school due to his racial background, and being unable to be with the people he is comfortable with for one reason or another. On their own, these issues may be minor, but combined, they create a massive impact on the child and his wee-being. We will take all of these factors into consideration for the entire duration of the case. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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