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Elder Interview - Essay Example

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ELDER INTERVIEW Elder Interview Word Count: 1000 (4 pages) Log Entry #3 – Medication Use and Nutrition (25 points) ? Ask your client to show you all of his/her medications, including other-the-counter drugs and herbs. Record all meds. Ask the following questions: (7 points) ?…
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Elder Interview
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Download file to see previous pages Digoxin helps the heart to beat more effectively; ? tab is taken daily. Lasix is taken orally 3 times daily as a diuretic which resolves water retention due to CHF. Singulair is a bronchodilator taken orally once daily. Warfarin is an anti-coagulant (a blood thinner) for reducing risk of cardiac events; the patient takes 2 tabs orally every evening. Diltiazem is an anti-arrythmic taken orally, twice a day in caplet form. Albuterol is a bronchodilator; the patient must take 2 puffs every four to six hours. Advair, an anti-asthmatic, is inhaled in one puff twice a day. Mesalamine is to treat inflammatory bowel disease; the patient takes 2 tabs orally twice a day. The patient also takes Pravastatin, which is a pipid-lowering agent for heart disease; the patient takes two tabs daily. Fluticasone is an anti-asthmatic; the patient should take 1 to 2 sprays in each nostril daily. Potassium chloride is taken by the patient as an electrolyte replacement; she takes this orally twice daily. Vitamin D is for prevention of vitamin deficiency; it is taken once or twice monthly. Hydrocodone is an opioid analgesic taken for pain management; 2 tabs are taken orally by the patient every 8 hours for pain. Nortryptiline is a tricyclic anti-depressant; 4 caplets are taken at bedtime, not to exceed 5 caps total. 2. What reminders does he/she use to remember to take the med? (14) The patient sets an alarm so she will know when to take her medications. 2a. Are these reminders effective? (10) These reminders appear to be very effective for the patient. 3. Any noted side effects experienced? (12) The side effects the patient experiences are some fatigue and occasional dizziness. 4. Is his/her physician aware of OTC or herbs that are taken? (15) The patient’s physician is aware of any over-the-counter or herbal medicines that are taken. ? 5. Any hospital admissions due to an adverse reaction, mishandling, or overdose? (14) There were no hospital admissions due to an adverse reaction, mishandling, or overdose. ? 6. From whom or where does your client receive information regarding meds? (9) My client receives information regarding medications from her doctor.?? After the interview, refer to a drug reference text and answer the following questions: ?(10 points) PART II. ? 1. Does your client understand the reasons for taking the meds? (59) Yes, the patient notices right away when she doesn’t take her diuretic, because her hands and feet get swollen. She knows when it’s time for her pain medication, the Hydrocodone—and she knows because she begins to have pain. She knows that, if she doesn’t take her Advair and Singulair, she’s not going to be able to breathe right. 2. Does your client understand the “common” side effects, including the OTCs and herbs? Give examples. (39) The patient understands many of the common side effects that go along with the over-the-counter medications as well as her prescribed medications. For example, she tries to plan taking most of her sedative medications before she goes to bed. 3. Is your client at risk for an adverse reaction? Why? (19) This particular client is at risk for adverse reactions because she is allergic to shellfish, as well as aspirin. 4. How does the number of meds taken by your client compare to the number of meds taken by your hospitalized clients? Does your hospitalized client have a better understanding of his/her meds as compared to your community dwelling client? (85) The number of medications taken by my patient is a lot compared to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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