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Orientation program for new nurse managers - Essay Example

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The present essay "Orientation program for new nurse managers" dwells on the activities of nurse managers. It is stated that as a nurse manager, you will be tasked with several duties, and will be allocated certain resources and means of performing these duties. …
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Orientation program for new nurse managers
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Extract of sample "Orientation program for new nurse managers"

Download file to see previous pages “A motivated employee is a valuable asset which delivers immense value to the organization” according to in their article, Employee Motivating in Private Organization. This is a statement that holds true, especially for our hospital. As you are well aware, the jobs your subordinates will be assigned to are not a walk in the park. These jobs require dedication and motivation. There will be unavoidable situations where in your subordinates are demotivated for some reason, whether it is job-related, co-worker related, or personal. These are that situations that need your input and guidance. Although the source of their demotivation must still be isolated, your immediate motivation is essential in maintaining an effective, hassle-free and conflict-free work zone. You must ensure that you isolate demotivated employees at some point and provide them insight in order to maintain their effectivity and avoid our patients being affected as well.
You and your department are essentially a team and their team leader, and as with any team, whether in sports, music bands or otherwise, a good relationship and effective communication between the team and their team leader is important. The relationship between you and your “team members” will define how your “team” performs on a daily basis. This means that you as a “team leader” must promote good work relationships between your subordinates and with yourself. Ways, in order to do this, would include team building activities and team general assemblies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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