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Asthma and Pathophisiological Template Case Study - Essay Example


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Asthma and Pathophisiological Template Case Study

Asthma affects 300 million people worldwide with increasing prevalence among children. According to World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 15 million disability-adjusted life-years are lost and 250,000 asthma deaths are reported worldwide with 500, 000 annual hospitalizations in individuals 18 years old and younger (Harver& Kotses, 2010, 19). In order to understand the pathophysiology of asthma, one must first understand the normal physiological process of a normal airway, particularly air exchange in the lungs. Lungs primary function is to deliver oxygen into the bloodstream and remove carbon dioxide from the blood. In the lungs are small air sacs called alveoli where exchange of gases occur (Harver& Kotses, 2010, 19). The bronchioles, which are classified as smaller tubes are very fragile compared to the larger tubes of the respiratory system such as the trachea as these smaller tubes lacks cartilaginous rings and only have a layer of smooth muscle. As the muscle contracts, airways are extremely narrowed due to the lack of cartilaginous support. Thus, contraction of the smooth muscles in the lungs may increase airway resistance and diminish airflow (Harver& Kotses, 2010, 19). In addition, there are cells that line the respiratory tract called the respiratory epithelium which vary from hair-like structure cilia and mucus-producing cells, and small blood vessels lying beneath the airway that supplies nutrients to the respiratory epithelium and smooth muscle cells. Asthma is generally

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the following: patho-physiology and pathology (mechanisms responsible for causing asthma; symptoms of asthma; types of asthma) and pre-hospital/medical management (diagnosis of asthma; family/medical history of the victim; taking a physical exam; the lung function test; the challenge test; treatment of asthma).
11 pages (2750 words)Essay
Asthma is a chronic inflammation of airways characterized by continuous and developing inflammatory process that later produces variable clinical presentation such as cough, wheezing etc. Acute inflammation results in broncho-spasm while chronic inflammation affects airway caliber and airflow, thus causing bronchial hyper-responsiveness.
11 pages (2750 words)Essay
Clinical history of Asthma 4.2 Physical examination of an asthmatic 4.3 Investigations to confirm the diagnosis of asthma 5 Management of asthma 5.1 Goals in management of asthma 5.2 Treatment and prevention 6 Conclusion and summary ASTHMA 1. Introduction 1.1 Definition.
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Case study: Pathophysiological template for paediatric astha and 3 case study questions
The large number of capillary blood vessels under the lining of the bronchial tract allows the inflammatory cells to be delivered rapidly and in large quantities. These cells cause the resultant swelling. His body is also improperly responding to the environmental irritants at a histological level, so that antibodies are not being produced in a normal fashion.
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Asthma Case Study
However, these symptoms are only outward indicators of the complex pathophysiology that is taking place within the body. Since asthma is a very common illness, not many people would think that it is the result of a highly complex process. Extremely mild cases of asthma may even be confused with a minor upper respiratory infection, such as the common cold.
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Asthma is known to be a chronic disease, encompassing varied and frequent symptoms resulting in impediment of reversible airflow due to inflammation of inner walls of airways, generating sensitivity to irritations and thereby augments susceptibility to allergies.
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Respiratory therapy case study asthma
servations: (1) shortness of breath at rest, (2) sits upright, (3) anxious in appearance, (4) use of accessory muscles, (5) bilateral wheezing and rhonchi, (6) HR >120, (6) PaO2 <60 mmHg with cyanosis, and (7) SaO2 <91%. Moreover, the patient’s history of chronic severe
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It manifests at almost any age but often starts as early as the childhood years. About 22 million people in the United States, with about 6 million of them being children, are afflicted with this disease. In fact it is the most
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While some individuals find asthma to be simply a nuisance, it can become a life-threatening problem for others. Asthma cannot be cured, but there are treatments available for symptoms. The most typical treatments for asthma sufferers include a
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The major cause of the disease is attributed to the inflammation of the bronchial passages and this in turn affects the sensitive nerve terminals resulting in their irritability and functional disruption. During an attack the
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categorize as an inflammatory disease in response to triggering stimuli such as allergens, irritants, colds, exercise, and respiratory infections (Harver&Kotses, 2010, 20). Based on Jason’s history, possible triggering stimuli of asthma exacerbation are history of recurrent cough when he was 6 months old, family history of hay fever and eczema, and history of respiratory infections.Jason’s exposure to triggering stimuli will cause the initial release of inflammatory mediators from bronchial mast cells, epithelial cells, and macrophages and will lead to the activation of other inflammatory cells. This will cause inflammation of the bronchioles and increased secretion of mucus-producing cells which explains Jason’s condition of having cough and runny nose two days prior to admission. Leak of inflammatory cells will cause edema and the autonomic neural control of airway tone and epithelial integrity will be altered leading to hyperresponsiveness of airways smooth muscles and airway obstruction. Hyperresponsiveness of Jason’s airways smooth muscles has led to clinical manifestations of audible wheezing sound, severe dyspnea, and supraventricular, intercostal, and subcostal retractions. Continuous narrowed airways brought by asthma exacerbation eventually affect oxygen supply to the vital organs of the body especially the brain. Affectations of Jason’s nervous system includes mental state of being anxious and the ability to respond only in single words. As Jason suffers from asthma, various structural and functional changes may occur such as airway disturbance, filling of mucous plugs in the airways, larger and numerous mucus-producing c
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Case Study Regarding Asthma and a Pathophysiological Template Date Abstract The essay aims address the following objectives: (1) toexplain the process that leads to the structural and functional changes resulting from Jason’s asthma; (2) to explain how four of Jason’s clinical manifestations are related to the structural and functional changes; and (3) to select and discuss two drugs that have been used in the treatment of Jason’s asthma…
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Asthma and Pathophisiological Template Case Study
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