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Provider Roles in Spiritual Care - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that a comprehensive plan of care considers the application of holistic health care concept to expand healthcare awareness and competence in spiritual dimension. Health care providers have the responsibility of attending to the spiritual needs of client…
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Provider Roles in Spiritual Care
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Extract of sample "Provider Roles in Spiritual Care"

Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that the spiritual dimension of the client is strongly evident during illness, stress, difficulties, and end-life-care when people strongly needed the direction and comfort derived from their spiritual preferences. Faith and religion are essential components of a client’s spiritual dimension and health provider has the responsibility to have self-awareness of one’s spiritual preferences before integrating a non-biased spiritual care.

This paper outlines that spiritual care is the most difficult task of a provider, specially the nurses. Most of the nurses lack adequate training for spiritual care giving and may influence the provision of adequate spiritual care. Healthcare providers such as nurses need to have formal education training or graduate programs in pastoral counseling or ministry in order to provide an excellent and competent spiritual care and to refer clients to other spiritual care providers as needed. Organizational team members such as the Baptist Healing Trust aim to further the work of non-profit agencies in providing health services to vulnerable populations in Middle Tennessee. Members of the Baptist Healing Trust heal with love and compassionate care in accordance with the Christian tradition. In addition, staffs of the Baptist Healing Trust have the role of reiterating the importance of meeting health needs, providing human services, and balancing of excellence in skill and great compassion. The Baptist Healing Trust operates as a funding agency and requires partnership with the staff of non-profits to raise the standard of compassionate care. The Baptist Healing Trust also offers retreats, workshops, and consultation for organizational and culture change to continue the delivery of spiritual and health services to the vulnerable and underserved population of Middle Tennessee. The Baptist Healing Trust is the organizational team member of Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. The organization believed that true healing comes from deep compassionate care and charitable health care expressed through the preservation of humanity and dignity of each human being as a creation of God (Baptist Healing Trust, 2010, n.p.). The emergence of the healing hospital in Baptist Hospital follows the teachings of Jesus and the Good Samaritan. A hospital institution does not only prevent and cure diseases but also enriched the heart and spiritual needs of client. Spiritual health provider must have a servant’s heart that offers compassionate care, goes beyond the box to meet people’s needs, has commitment to organization’s values, mission, and vision, and expressed care in a continuous chain of light from care giver or provider to every patient, fellow caregiver, and one's ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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