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Advanced Emergency Care - Essay Example

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This essay analyses the research paper on resuscitation ‘Advanced Life support (ALS) competence: Victorian practices’ (Preston et al. 2009) in the light of the research guides regarding research practice and methodology by Bowling and Rees…
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Advanced Emergency Care
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Download file to see previous pages The article was chosen for its rigour and scientific form and the aim of this analysis is thus to assess the article by Preston et al. (2009) and how well they follow general research standards (posing and testing a hypothesis) and the use of (appropriate) methods. The analysis examines therefore the aim of Preston et al. (2009) and how well it is tested, whether it is properly contextualized in the relevant literature, whether the sample, research site or population are adequate and clearly defined and ethical questions have been considered and whether there is a thorough presentation of the results of the test (a RESULTS section). As part of the analysis the focus must also be on the conclusions and recommendations by Preston et al. and the relevance of the paper to advanced emergency care practice. The evaluation of Preston et al (2009) also notes in which sense the study under examination has tested the research question and whether limitations of the findings are acknowledged (Rees 2003). This essay analyses the work of Preston et al. (2009) and draws on external literary sources ) and the Resuscitation Council Guidelines (UK) 2010 when further clarification and referencing is be needed. After the analysis, it proceeds by framing the research paper in terms of its relevance to practice. The conclusions offered are a summary of the arguments in the essay. Evaluation of the research article, ‘Assessing advanced life support competence: Victorian Practices’ (Preston et al. 2009) 1. Aim in Preston et al. (2009) Preston et al. (2009) note that there are few studies that rigorously examining advanced life support (ALS) to direct educators about how to best assess ALS competence (knowledge and performance). The aim is therefore to point to a systematic approach to guide educators and has, as will be seen later, great relevance to practice. Preston et al.’s (2009) aim is accordingly to determine the most useful methods to assess competence among nurses and their resuscitation skills and knowledge (Preston et al. 2009, pp. 164-65). Their research is descriptive and uses content analysis (arranging the data into categories). It follows the standards of proper research presentation (Bowling, 2009; Rees, 2003). 2. Literature review Having outlined the problem by way of their hypothesis and aim, Preston et al. (2009) now turn to an analysis of relevant literary sources and concepts. So as to provide proper background to their own study (to contextualize it in the literature, Rees 2003) they cite the work of Chiarella et al. published in 2008. It identifies the competence to be tested, such as skills, knowledge, attitudes, values and abilities that appear to shape performance (ibid: 165). In the assessment of skills and ALS competence, psychomotor proficiency is recommended by other studies cited and refer to ‘arrhythmia [irregular heartbeat] recognition’, defribillation, intravenous therapy through insertion of intravenous cannula, administration of drugs and other means of coping with cardiac arrest by managing the airways and through ventilation and by assuring proper transport of the patient. While Preston et al. (2009) refer to Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines (ibid: 165), one my here usefully refer to a similar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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