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Tissue Viability Nursing Tissue viability is a great problem for old people. Basing on my own experience, practical skills and theoretical knowledge I would like to underline that a nurse plays a crucial role in tissue viability treatment. There are many specific trainings and programs directed on improvement of nurses’ proficiency in the field of tissue viability treatment…
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Tissue Viability Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Besides of all these fields, a local and instantaneous help and prevention is of crucial importance for the disease treatment as well. Generally speaking, tissue viability implies protection and management of wounds (Ebersolle and Hess, 1998). Such important aspects as pressure ulcer prevention, leg ulcer prevention, chronic edema and infection control are integrative in the field of tissue viability treatment. In order to improve my nursing experience with taking care about patients with tissue viability, there is a need to improve the status of this disease in the healthcare system, especially, with regards to older patients. There are many drawbacks concerning the disease status on local and national levels: “It is useful to consider the amalgamation of tissue viability with related therapeutic areas for economy of scale, cost efficiency and improved delivery of care; …Services within the NHS have been too parochial, focusing on local issues rather than regional or national ones” (Marshall, 2010). A high quality of tissue viability nursing depends not only on a nurse’s skills, but also implies a combination of many other external factors, which, if combined, would lead to a positive result. On the basis of my own experience, I would like to note that prevention is much more effective than tissue viability treatment. I have been engaged in tissue viability treatment at many different stages: from the process of the disease identification to the operational delivery of care. The following case happened to my patient with tissue viability and means a lot for me. One evening a patient with paraplegia has complained about septicaemia from a urinary infection. On my behalf, I performed caring actions, which I had to complete. Thus, I completed a pressure ulcer risk assessment that indicated the patient's high risk but he spent another night on a standard mattress overnight. As a result, a large sacral pressure ulcer was developed. In order to prevent such kind of incidents in my further practice, I had to communicate with my colleagues and to get support from a confidential counseling service. Moreover, in the institution where I am employed, such kind of incidents has shifted accents in the field of tissue viability, which has now been considered in the context of tissue damage prevention. Nurses are supposed to reduce infections they can bring to patients. For example, even if there are several sepses in wounds, efficient anti-microbial dressings of medical personnel can prevent further infection expansion (Spencer et al, 2001). With this regard, an efficient practical perfection in tissue viability nursing was introduced when our institution underlined that it is on behalf of all people involved in the treatment process to take a responsibility for infection level decrease and prevention. Anyone can bring germs into a nursing home and there is a need to prevent and take control over a potential hazardous level of infections. Therefore, I have been often involved in trainings devoted to infection level decrease and my knowledge has been constantly improved and modernized about the possible ways of protection against infection. Moreover, older people are not very attentive to their appearance; they have a lot of cognitive and mental problems, as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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