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Galactorrhea - Research Paper Example

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Summary: Galactorrhea is production of milk in non-lactating mothers. It is not a dangerous condition itself, however, can have implications on lifestyle. Hyperprolectinemia is a manifestation of galactorrhea and can be induced by drugs, hypothalamic disorders, pituitary tumors (prolactinomas)…
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Download file to see previous pages Endocrine evaluation of galactorrhea patient is necessary as overproduction of hormone prolactin is involved in patho-physiology of disease. Clinical presentation of this disease includes infertility, impotence, hypogonadisma and visual disturbances and headaches in case of prolactinomas. Pharmacological management comprises of drugs such as cabergoline and bromocriptine. Nursing intervention and care are crucial in management of disease. Correct diagnosis of signs and symptoms, referral to endocrinologist, education, emotional support, arrangement of diagnostic test, follow up schedule of treatment and reevaluation of prolactin levels are some of the focal points of nursing care.
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