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The subject is leadership and the about bill clinton, USA president - Research Paper Example

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Bill Clinton Leadership is by far the most sought after attribute in today’s competitive and meritocratic time. Executives, managers, employees, contractors, workgroups, families, politicians, every occupation need effective leadership to survive and perform…
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The subject is leadership and the research about bill clinton, USA president
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Download file to see previous pages These examples are real and they exist in the chronicles of history so that people who come later can learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. The analysis of these various leaders lead one to contemplate what is it that makes a leader. This discussion will entail the attributes of a good leader that is deemed essential keeping in view the examples of the leaders in history. As a template, the leadership of Bill Clinton will be juxtaposed to the ideals of leadership to determine whether charismatic and famous personality of Clinton does equally well on the scale of leadership. The first and the most primary quality that a leader must possess and that has been an evident part of Bill Clinton’s personality is the self-confidence. Mr. Clinton, in his regime made all sorts of judgments, good and bad. What one sees as a consistent feature of his leadership is sheer confidence in his own self and actions. His speech, his gestures, and his face expressions, everything about him gave off an aura of confidence and self-trust. With the composed and confident look on his face, Clinton had been successful in convincing the masses and his trustees to see his perspective. If confidence were all that takes to be an effective leader, then Bill is surely one (Levin, 183). Secondly, a leader should be humble. No one likes and therefore follows a snob. An effective leadership springs from the very denial of one’s own skill set and the appreciation of the followers. The charisma thus produced not only instigates the rush of positivity amongst the followers but also a motivation to prove their worth and re-confirm their leader’s opinion of their capabilities. Thus, with a little modesty and humility, a good leader inspires a multitude of souls to achieve their goals and consequently, own visions. Bill Clinton fits these criteria of effective leadership quite well. His humility is most appreciated by people who work closely with them. During the meetings, he listens to everyone very attentively and shows utter respect for everyone’s opinions. His immediate subordinates often marvel at Clinton’s ability to connect with everyone through his modest and humble attitude. During Q and A sessions, he would answer every question with a humble voice rather than an authoritative one. An important aspect of his humility is his proactivity. Unlike other leaders, Bill does not blame people. He takes charge of the project and start working on it himself. Aloof of the hierarchy and discrimination amongst job descriptions and posts, he bends down to offer his help and advice at all stages of any project (Kellerman, 67). Pragmatism is another significant quality that a leader must possess. People who ‘play by the book’ are the ones who are better off as managers. Those who make it to the top are the ones who are always prepared to make last-minute changes. These people are not rigid; the only thing constant about their work is their vision and values. These great leaders also make many mistakes; they are far from being perfect. However, what makes them the best is their ability to accept responsibility when they go wrong or when things are not working the way they wanted it to, and then fix them. Bill Clinton’s presidency is a brilliant example of this rule. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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