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Homeland Security Preparedness Model - Research Paper Example

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At any time, there shall be an emergency officer in every department who will lead the people to their responsibilities and ensure that the plan is being effectively followed and all the steps are being properly carried. …
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Homeland Security Preparedness Model
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The Steering Committee including the Managing Director, the Chief Security Officer and the Chief HSE Officer will design and lay down the plan. And will review the plan and its implementation annually so as to identify any weaknesses in the plan, or control weaknesses in the implementation of the plan and take immediate steps to change them. The Safety Officer will, on a random basis, quiz staff members concerning the Emergency Preparedness Plan and their roles in any drill. This process serves as a source of feedback, which the Safety Officer can use for evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the program. First and the foremost step of the prepared plan are to conduct a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis. Evaluate every possible event in each of the three categories of probability, risk, and preparedness. Add additional events as necessary. A Hazards Vulnerability Analysis can be conducted on need to need basis, and by the committee made for this purpose by the steering committee. The report and findings of the analysis shall be submitted to and discussed with the steering committee on monthly basis, until the analysis is final and final report is presented to the steering committee. The Hazards Vulnerability Analysis assists the organization in determining to which hazards it is most vulnerable and to which it is least vulnerable.The inventories prone to catching fire shall be kept in the room where fire detection, protection and extinguishing controls are the most effective and efficient. Communication Channels: Following are the ways in which the employees will be warned and communicated of the hazards or emergency situations: 1. Alarms: The alarm will ring continuously for 2 minutes and then with varying pitch for 5 more minutes. 2. Loud Speakers: Announcements to be made in the speaking language of the employees as well as in the local language so as to facilitate the non-executive staff. Staff Trainings : Employees must know what to do at the time of emergency, to ensure that this happens, following trainings must be conducted: a. The general overview of the plan, so that the employees know what is in the plan, what actually is a disaster / emergency and how to proceed step by step at the time of a disaster or emergency. Must be conduct once annually and can be conducted half yearly too. b. The training to understand the evacuation and drills, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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