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Security Planning - Essay Example

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1. It is the aim of the Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response to prepare the country to face high consequence issues. Security assessment has to encourage the development of sophisticated and creative technologies. This Center has to collaborate with the Department of Homeland Security Centers of Excellence…
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Security Planning
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Extract of sample "Security Planning"

Download file to see previous pages In this endeavor, attention has to be given to the provision of gas masks to the public and the shortcomings in tackling terrorist attacks, natural calamities and emergencies has to be ascertained. In addition, it is essential to estimate the extent of safety enjoyed by citizens, governments, communities, businesses and systems of information technologies in the context of such attacks, calamities and emergencies. The cost effective nature of preparedness in respect of uncertain and unpredictable has also to be estimated (Department Of Homeland Security Centers).
Another vital aspect to be considered is that of prevention and deterrence, and the measures that have to be adopted with regard to terrorist attacks and natural calamities. There has to be a substantial improvement in vigilance, intelligence gathering and situational awareness. The modus operandi of terrorist threats requires significantly different forms of prevention and deterrence. This can be achieved by resorting to a careful analysis of terrorist events. Such analysis requires a complete understanding of the high consequence events and their unique characteristics, especially when weapons of mass destruction are involved (Department Of Homeland Security Centers).
Decision making is a v...
Moreover, it is essential to resort to modeling and simulation so that an approximation can be obtained in respect of the actual incident to be encountered. A well designed model can prove to be immensely useful in countering terrorist and other threats (Department Of Homeland Security Centers).
In order to respond to major emergencies, networks have to be established, which on occasion function beyond the traditional means of communications. The individuals' participation in pacifying major homeland security crises and the constitution of social networks are necessary for countering major emergencies. Formation of temporary or event - based networks are better equipped to handle such events. Hazard, economic, transportation and other modeling operations should be rehearsed as they result in an understanding of the causes and effects of emergencies. Moreover, they are helpful in identifying and adopting suitable action during crises (Department Of Homeland Security Centers).
Of these aspects decision making is the most important and if a mistake is committed, while taking a decision, then the consequences can be disastrous. Further, the damage caused can be much higher if a wrong decision is taken.
2. Government at the federal, state, and local level must actively collaborate and partner with the private sector, which controls 85 percent of America's infrastructure . . . the nation's infrastructure protection effort must harness the capabilities of the private sector to achieve a prudent level of security without hindering productivity, trade, or economic growth. - The President's National Strategy for Homeland Security.
The federal government has the capacity to organize, convene, and coordinate broadly across governmental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Security Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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